Combi Missions is a limited-time mission event, starting from 7 November 2014 until 16 November at 5 p.m. (GMT+9). In this mission, players are required to clear certain goal (either XP, coins, stage reach, or points) with certain cookie/pet combination. When cleared, each combi mission has their own prize. However, for clearing every quarter part of all combi missions, players will also get Crystals as bonus.

Players can check all the missions list and their rewards at the special icon in the home screen.


1. No cookie relay allowed. Mission cannot be cleared if the player uses a Cookie Relay item.

2. Each gifts can only be received once, including from Random Boost.

List of MissionsEdit

Combi MissionEdit

Cookie Pet Goal Reward
Brave Cookie Drop of Choco Get 500k points 5000 Coins
Bright Cookie Cheeseberry Get 1000 XPs 2 Cookie Relays
Cloud Cookie Rainbow's End Get 1M points 2 Fast Starts
Buttercream Choco Cookie Dust Unicorn Get 1000 Coins 3 Double XPs
Strawberry Cookie Flowercopter Get 2M points 3 Power Jellies Boosts
Muscle Cookie Dragon's Tail Get to Stage 6 4000 Coins
Boarder Cookie[1] Rare Garlic Get 2.5M points 2 Cookie Relays
Cream Cookie Brain Gum Get to Stage 7 3 Fast Starts
Coffee Cookie Mocha Delight Get 2M points 4 Double XPs
Zombie Cookie Enchanted Locket Get to Stage 8 5000 Coins
Pirate Cookie Pirate's Bomb Get 7000 Coins 3 Cookie Relays
Angel Cookie Wishing Star Get 3M points

3 Fast Starts

Special Force Cookie Witty Dumbbell Get 4M points 7000 Coins
Prophet Cookie Lucky Dice Get 5M points 5 Double XPs
Wizard Cookie Jellyco Cube Get 6M points 3 Cookie Relays
Cheesecake Cookie Gold Drop Get 9000 Coins 9000 Coins
Cherry Cookie AWOL Cracker Get 8M points 10000 Coins

Beat Missions BonusEdit

When you clear certain missions above, you will get the bonus in the table below. The missions can be cleared in any order.

Goal Reward
Get 4 missions 10 Crystals
Get 8 missions 10 Crystals
Get 12 missions 10 Crystals
Get all missions 10 Crystals

Similar Events Edit


  1. The in-game information gave the incorrect description with the image of Boarder Cookie but captioned as "Skating Queen Cookie". Instead, only Boarder Cookie will count into the mission.

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