Common Egg can be bought for 1 Crystal from the Get Pets page. This kind of egg will hatch either C or B grade Pets, or possibly 1,000 coins if you already have at least one C or B grade pet at Level 8. You will also receive 3 gift points for each purchase. You may receive an upgrade of a Pet you already own, if it's not at level 8 yet.

Common Egg

List of Pets obtainable or upgradeable from Common Egg Edit

Pets Picture Grade Ability
Drop of Choco Drop of Choco C Grade Makes Bear Jellies
Rainbow's End Rainbow's End C Grade

Grows in Bonus Time

Double Bubble

Double Bubble
C Grade Makes All-Bear Jellies
Cheeseberry Cheeseberry C Grade Collects missed Jellies
Forgotten Stocking Forgotten Stocking C Grade Speeds up the Cookie
Witty Dumbbell Witty Dumbell B Grade Makes Giant Jellies
Mocha Delight Mocha Delight B Grade Makes Alphabet Jellies
Cozy Yarn Cozy Yarn B Grade Bonus Time Jellies
Rare Garlic Rare Garlic B Grade Makes Blast Jellies
Electric Beat Electric Beat B Grade Makes Magnet Jellies
Hat of Santa Hat of Santa B Grade Makes Silver Coins
Dust Unicorn Dusty Unicorn B Grade Makes Gold Coins