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Although there are best combinations in the game, there are certain ways to stack abilities to create the most awesome effects. Some effects are desired for maximum results, but some can be played for a fun factor. This page shows how.

In this combinations list, it is assumed that:

  • The cookie, pet, and treasures are all on the maximum level.
  • Treasure or Evolve Treasure's effect will count in either normal effect or blessed effect, whichever is higher.
  • More than one same evolved treasures or normal treasures can be used, since treasures from Treasure Merchant can be earned more than one and treasures from cookies and pets can be repurchased after evolving.
  • Combinations does not considered for the best result, but from the biggest quantitative output.

Fastest Base SpeedEdit

Category Item Bonus
Main Cookie Boarder Cookie 35%
Combo Bonus with Lucky Dice 20%
Treasure 1-3 Blessed Sorcerer's Vanity Pictures 13% + 13% + 13%
Random Boost Base Speed 30% higher 30%


This means you'll get 3 times faster than the normal base speed.

Fastest Bonus Time SpeedEdit

Category Item Bonus
Main Cookie Boarder Cookie 35%
Pet Flowercopter 80%
Treasure 1 A Seed of Flowecopter 15%
Treasure 2-3 Blessed Sorcerer's Vanity Pictures 13% + 13%
Random Boost Base Speed 30% higher 30%
TOTAL 463.8786165%

This record falls down from Season 3's best record of 508.31% due to Flowercopter's speed bonus nerfed from 120% to 80%.

Highest Blast SpeedEdit

Category Item Bonus
Main Cookie Knight Cookie Level 8
Combo Bonus with Dragon's Tail 20%
Treasure 1-3 Frozen Solid Orange Drink 15% + 15% + 15%
Boost Power Jellies Boost 15%
Random Boost Base Speed 30% higher 30%
TOTAL Please fill in!

Invincibility ModeEdit

Category Item Bonus
Main Cookie Muscle Cookie 75%
Combo Bonus with Witty Dumbbell 20%
Random Boost Invincible to 70% of obstacles 70%

Although mathematically the invincibility would only reach 98.5%, Muscle Cookie will knock off any obstacles without getting damaged, as like when the invincibility percentage added as 165%. They will just fly off screen. Some players are referring these combinations as "God mode", because its invincibility can throw away any obstacles without losing any energy. For additional effect, players can use treasures that gives points/coin bonus for destroying obstacles and Muay Thai Cookie as relay (Muay Thai has 50% invincibility, combined with Random Boost will also create the invincibility mode).

Longest Bonus TimeEdit

Category Item Time (sec.)
Starter Bonus Time Level 30 and above 11.0
Main Cookie Strawberry Cookie 5.0
Treasure 1 Magic Pod's Fragile Petal 3.3
Treasure 2-3 Waterproof Superwatch 3.0 + 3.0
TOTAL 25.3

Lowest Damage for Hitting Obstacles Edit

Category Item Reduce
Main Cookie Princess Cookie 50%
Treasure 1 Vampire Cookie's Rejuvenating Grape Juice 10%
Treasure 2 Wooden Barrel Tap 10%
Treasure 3 Princess Cookie's Ruby Ring, A Piece of Brain Gum, Gleaming Choco Ring, or Blessed Merchant's Mini Safe 6%
Random Boost 30% less energy drain when colliding with obstacles 30%
TOTAL 73.351%

Maximum Coin Bonus Edit

Category Item Bonus
Main Cookie Buttercream Choco Cookie 25%
Combo Bonus with Hat of Santa 15%
Relay Cookie Ginger Claus 20%
Treasures 1 Compass Eternally Pointing to Coin Island 17%
Treasures 2 Blessed Merchant's Mini Safe or Blessed Gold Lotus Blossom Wisdom Ring 15% + 15%
Random Boost Double Coins 100%
TOTAL 533.827125%

This means for each 100 coins you earn, coin bonuses will make it 533 coins. You can also get a bigger coin bonus during events like Burning Time.

However, this method only counts the biggest coin bonus at the end of the game only - it doesn't consider on how to get the biggest coin earnings effectively. See also Coin Farming.

Maximum Energy Edit

Category Item Energy
Starter Energy Upgrade Level 60 260
Main Cookie Tiger Lily Cookie, Fire Spirit Cookie, or Moonlight Cookie 185
Treasure 1-3 Blessed Red Glowing Fox Heart Bead 120 + 120 + 120

The energy bar might be longest you've ever see. Please note that this does not count extra energy from revives or extra energy for Relay Cookie. See below.

Maximum Energy Restoration Bonus Edit

Category Item Bonus
Main Cookie Coffee Cookie 29%
Treasures Blessed Mom's Loving Lunch Box, Blessed Rich Black Coffee, Blessed Coma Inducing Choco Croissant, or Blessed Expert's Baking Powder 15% + 15% + 15%
Random Boost Potions restore 25% more. 25%
TOTAL 245.2410938%

For example, when Large Energy Potion that originally gives you 40 Energy, with the combo above you will get 98 Energy.

Maximum Extra Energy for Relay Cookie Edit

Category Item Energy
Relay Cookie Pirate Cookie's ghost 160
Pet Mr. Limeguard 160
Treasures Blessed Doll Lurking with Burning Chocolate 230 + 230 + 230

Maximum Points Bonus for Destroying Obstacles Edit

Category Item Bonus (pts.)
Cookie Muay Thai Cookie 35,000
Pet Uncooling Teacup ~30,000
Treasures Blessed Unrivalled Hot Dog 5,000 + 5,000 + 5,000
TOTAL ~80,000

Maximum Points Bonus for Passing Obstacles Edit

Category Item Bonus (pts.)
Combo Bonus Vampire Cookie with Flame Bat 85,000
Relay Cookie Onion Cookie 95,000
Treasure 1 Onion Cookie's Tear-full Pillow 10,000
Treasure 2-3 Blessed Darkness Absorbing Transparent Lantern 4,000 + 4,000
TOTAL 198,000

Maximum XP Bonus Edit

Category Item Bonus
Combo Bonus Bright Cookie with Wishing Star 30% + 12%
Relay Cookie Ginger Claus 10%
Treasures 20% + 20% + 20%
Boost Double XP 100%
TOTAL 553.51296%

See also XP Farming for more explanation about how XP are gained. You can also get more XP Bonus when Burning Time event is active.

Most Jumps Edit

Category Item Time(s)
Main Cookie Ninja Cookie 10
Treasure Blessed Glistening Green Leaves 6 + 6 + 6

Most Lifts Up from a Hole Edit

Category Item Time(s)
Pet Rocket Firecracker More than 8
Treasure 1 Frozen Wave Drop's Precious Mini Coral or Fire Spirit Cookie's Flame Ball 4
Treasure 2 - 3 Wonder Donut or Grand Revival Donut 4 + 4
Random Boost Rescues from holes twice 2
Other Paying 5 Crystals 1
TOTAL More than 23

Most Revives (by Energy) Edit

Category Item Time(s) Energy
Main Cookie Zombie Cookie 8 136
Pet Furball Pup 8 480
Relay Cookie Fire Spirit Cookie 6 180
Treasure 1 Icy Starlight Bellflower 3 198
Treasures 2&3 Two Blessed Grand Revival Donut (or a Blessed Donut and a Frozen Wave Drop's Precious Mini Coral) 4 + 4 360
Random Boost Revive once with 80 energy 1 80
TOTAL 34 1,434

Most Revives (by Times) Edit

Category Item Time(s) Energy
Main Cookie Zombie Cookie 8 136
Pet Furball Pup 8 480
Relay Cookie Fire Spirit Cookie 6 180
Treasures Blessed Grand Revival Donut 4 + 4 + 4 540
Random Boost Revive once with 80 energy 1 80
TOTAL 35 1,416

Slowest Energy Drain Edit

Category Item Bonus
Main Cookie Cream Cookie 17%
Pet Green Apple Rabbit 27%
Treasures Secret Admirer's Fresh Vegetable Juice or Specially made Flaming Cocktail 10% + 10% + 10%
Random Boost Energy drains 25% slower 25%
TOTAL 67.9648125%

Strongest Magnetic Aura Edit

Category Item
Main/Relay Cookie Angel Cookie, Fairy Cookie, or Lemon Cookie
Pet (optional) Spotlight Fan
Random Boost Magnetic Aura
Other Fairy Cookie's Power+ Effect

When all are equipped, jellies are even attracted before they appear in the screen. Even, with only Angel Cookie Level 8 and its treasure at +9, all jellies above the cookie will be attracted.[1]


  1. An example can be seen at

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