Cookiebox 720 Controller, or sometimes referred as simply Controller, is an S-grade treasure. It is the first ever premium treasure that gives a magnetic aura - even it has been available from the first season of Cookie Run.

Equipped EffectEdit

Mini Magnetic Aura


A controller that chases boredom away.


Level Skill Effect Coin Upgrade Cost Crystal Upgrade Cost
Cookiebox 720 Controller
Basic Mini Magnetic Aura N/A N/A
Cookiebox 720 Controller+1
Mini Magnetic Aura Lv.1 Coin 001 17,000 CookieRunCrystal 15
Cookiebox 720 Controller+2
Mini Magnetic Aura Lv.2 Coin 001 21,000 CookieRunCrystal 19
Cookiebox 720 Controller+3
Mini Magnetic Aura Lv.3 Coin 001 25,000 CookieRunCrystal 23
Cookiebox 720 Controller+4
Mini Magnetic Aura Lv.4 Coin 001 27,000 CookieRunCrystal 27
Cookiebox 720 Controller+5
Mini Magnetic Aura Lv.5 Coin 001 29,000 CookieRunCrystal 31
Cookiebox 720 Controller+6
Mini Magnetic Aura Lv.6 Coin 001 31,000 CookieRunCrystal 35
Cookiebox 720 Controller+7
Mini Magnetic Aura Lv.7 Coin 001 33,000 CookieRunCrystal 39
Cookiebox 720 Controller+8
Mini Magnetic Aura Lv.8 Coin 001 35,000 CookieRunCrystal 43
Cookiebox 720 Controller+9
Mini Magnetic Aura Lv.9 Coin 001 38,000 CookieRunCrystal 47

Trivia Edit

  • This treasure bears a resemblance with the controller found in a Microsoft game console, Xbox 360.
  • It is the first ever premium treasure that gives a magnetic aura. Alongside with Angel Cookie's Holy Feather, they are the only way players can get a magnetic aura treasure in Season 1 of Cookie Run.

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