Cotton Candy Birdie is a pet accompanying Cotton Candy Cookie that was released near the end of July.

Skill Edit

It will create Alphabet Blast Jellies that will add one letter you don't have while entering Blast Mode.


A happy post office bird set out to deliver love to the Cookie World. This veteran only made one delivery mistake in its lifetime, one of Cotton Candy Cookie's letters. But it's understandable. I mean, it's pretty confusing when the recipient changes all the time. Right?


Level Skill Effect Upgrade Cost
Every 25 sec N/A
Every 24 sec Coin 001 29,000
Every 23 sec Coin 001 31,000
Every 22 sec Coin 001 34,000
Every 21 sec Coin 001 36,000
Every 20 sec Coin 001 38,000
Every 19 sec Coin 001 47,000
Every 18 sec Coin 001 56,000

Possible Combination Bonus Edit

Cookie Combi Bonus
Cotton Candy Cookie
Cotton Candy Cookie (S) Extra Points for Cotton Candy Jelly

Trivia Edit

  • Currently, the item produced looks like the Alphabet Giant item from Yule Log Cake. The effect, however, is correct. This is probably a bug that has been undetected.

Gallery Edit

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