Cozy Yarn is a B-grade Pet. It is considered the best B-grade (and possibly overall non-S-rank) pet in the game, due to its ability to produce Bonus Time Jellies (known as the best type of Power Jelly) reliably. It is one of two Pets capable of producing Bonus Time Jellies, the other being Magic Pod which produces a Bonus Time Blast Jelly. Players lacking S-grade Pets can use Cozy Yarn to aid in both coin farming and scoring.


Creates Jellies that send you into Bonus Time.


A supremely warm yarn that generates light and heat on its own. It's made out of sun crumbs. If you eat them, you'll instantly fly into Bonus Time.


Level Skill Effect Upgrade Cost
Makes Bonus Time Jelly every 89 sec N/A
Makes Bonus Time Jelly every 87 sec 7,000
Makes Bonus Time Jelly every 85 sec 10,000
Makes Bonus Time Jelly every 83 sec 13,000
Makes Bonus Time Jelly every 81 sec 16,000
Makes Bonus Time Jelly every 79 sec 19,000
Makes Bonus Time Jelly every 77 sec 22,000
Makes Bonus Time Jelly every 75 sec 25,000

Possible Combination BonusesEdit

Cookie Combi Bonus
Cream Cookie
Cream Cookie (B) 20 Extra Energy



  • This pet was once very popular in Seasons 1 & 2, because of the fact that you could get bonus points without the loss of energy. Although its usage has decreased among experienced players, it is still a very good scoring Pet for beginner players.
  • When descending in Bonus Time, its "tail" curls into a heart shape.

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