Dragon's Tail is an A-grade/Rare pet that accompanies Knight Cookie. It has the ability to summon a large dragon made of its fiery breath, which is used to destroy obstacles.


(LINE) Summons Dragon's spirit that destroys obstacles.

(OvenBreak) Summons the Dragon to destroy obstacles and earns destruction points for it. Summons the Dragon more frequently and earns more destruction points with each Level Up.


(LINE) Hates to be compared to aloe vera. It was taken from the blue dragon in a fierce fight and still stores some of the dragon's powers. You sure can't confuse it with aloe vera when the dragon's spirit comes back.

(OvenBreak) Hates being compared to aloe vera. It was taken from a greenish red dragon in a fierce fight and still stores some of the dragon's powers. For now, it may be only a tail, but it is able to summon it's true dragon form. And once you get a glimpse of the green yet red dragon, you will know for sure that this Pet is no aloe vera.


Level Skill Effect Upgrade Cost
Every 20 sec, for 3 sec N/A
Every 19 sec, for 3.2 sec 17,000
Every 18 sec, for 3.4 sec 20,000
Every 17 sec, for 3.6 sec 23,000
Every 16 sec, for 3.8 sec 26,000
Every 15 sec, for 4 sec 29,000
Every 14 sec, for 4 sec 32,000
Every 13 sec, for 4 sec 35,000


  • Dragon's Tail was one of the pets which could be spotted in-game outside of when it was in use. It appeared inside a double-jump obstacle in Episode 2 of LINE Cookie Run, though this obstacle has since been removed from the game.
    • This obstacle makes a return in Land 1 of Cookie Run: OvenBreak.
  • In LINE, maxing out the pet will give you Skin of Dragon's Tail as a reward.
  • This pet used to have a hidden combi with Muscle Cookie in LINE Cookie Run which granted an extra 2000 points for destroying obstacles.


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