Easter Eggs are tidbits of code or hints and secrets hidden throughout the game that are not revealed to players, but instead left there unintentionally or not by programmers to find. Some easter eggs may reveals a spoiler for future updates, but can also specifically made for visual entertainment purposes.

Dragging Episode Map Edit

Map bg end right

Apple Cookie revealed when dragging episode map to the right.

In the Episode Map screen, dragging the screen all the way to the right reveals Apple Cookie, which was then an upcoming cookie. Players may also see her pet, the Green Apple Rabbit, on the final stage of the first episode, Escape from the Oven.

Map bg end left

Soda Cookie seen in the Episode Map.

Meanwhile, dragging the screen all the way to the left of the Episode Map instead reveals Soda Cookie making a wave on his surfing board.

Vampire Cookie + Rare Garlic combo bonus Edit

Following the popular culture, when a bunch of garlic are often used to keep the humans away from vampires, combining Vampire Cookie and Rare Garlic would reveal a combination bonus "Oh no! Not garlic!". When played, the combination bonus will make the cookie's base speed increased, but the energy will drain faster. Due to the retirement of all Hidden Combination Bonuses after the Wrath of the Dragon update, this easter egg can no longer be seen.

Kiwi Biker Cookie's License Number Edit

Kiwi Biker Driver's License

This can be seen on Kiwi Biker Cookie's description in the Cookie Shop.

On February 27, 2015, Devsisters released Kiwi Biker Cookie. What's interesting is that players can find Kiwi Biker Cookie's license plate, as shown on the right.

The most peculiar thing about the license plate is that his license number, AMAZ-INGK-IWIC-OOK2, is not a regular random code. It is actually part of a secret code that grants players 10 Crystals when entered on the coupon code.

Up until this point, the secret code can still be redeemed and earned the players 10 crystals.

This was leaked before the release of Kiwi Biker Cookie when a Thailand YouTuber exposed the existence of a new secret code, leaking the upcoming cookie's release hours later.

Banana Cookie Edit

Banana cookie

Banana Cookie from game data.

Players are able to find Banana Cookie by extracting files in the original application file (renaming original files from .apk or .ipa, to .rar or .zip). However, Banana Cookie's treasure was marked as "sample" and was never released at all in any version of Cookie Run. Possibilities are that the cookie was only for sampling/testing or for joking those who extract the application file. Although the first possibility makes more sense, it may be helpful to first check out if artworks or pages are working correctly after implementing a new item in the game's code.

After the official release of Banana Cookie in-game, this Banana Cookie would be non-relevant nowadays, but only a common Easter Egg and/or a missing character in-game.

More about themEdit

Knowing that this cookie is a joke for who extract game file/s, apart from that, there are more foundable files related to this cookie;

As mentioned to the article itself, they exist "sample" files, in this case are present 4 different type of files (which one of the three is only subdivided in 2 variants);

As seen from the third image you should see on the bottom right (if you Zoom it) Banana Cookie accompained with another "Sample" image, this would probably hence that would be Banana Cookie's Treasure; lately this had been revealed that this is a pet treasure (as henced from the fourth "Sample" image), so this made question if Banana Cookie has a direct treasure instead of an image of theirself. Staying again in the exploration of the game files the "Sample" image of Banana Cookie is labelled as tr_ch17, this would probably explain that they are a somewhat of a scrapped character beyond of a normal joke file, other than that if you explore the sound files of the game you should saw that the ch17 sound file doesn't exist (as seen from this screenshot), this means that they don't have no sound file, but, instead they possess a Pet as retrieved from this image (Pet on the third line, on Pink Candy's left).

Non-binary Cookies Edit

Angel Cookie Snow Sugar Cookie Peppermint Candy Cookie Cinnamon Cookie
Angel Cookie Snow Sugar Cookie Peppermint Cookie Cinnamon Cookie

At certain points in the Cookie Run updates, Devsisters has released at least four cookies that fall into the nonbinary (neither male nor female) category. These cookies only use the ambiguous "it/its" pronouns and tend to avoid mentioning their gender in general. This is presumed to be intentional.

So far, the Official Cookie Run Social Media Pages intentionally dodge the questions regarding the genders of all four cookies above, although they mentioned that much as diverse as one person can be, Cookies can also be diverse with an example of Cookies with non-gender specific pronouns.

Unknown Class and Treasure SlotsEdit

If exploring the Cookie Run files (if extracted to .zip, .apk and etc.) you would find an unknown class, probably Devsisters added it with the same purpose like Banana Cookie (probably joking for who extracted the file/s).

Bc popup fx pet l

SS (unknown) class as seen from the game files.

Same thing happens with these Treasure slots, the red ones (on the left) would be considered for L-grade grade Cookies, while the other one's (on the right) would look like a TBA or SS-class slots or a scrapped idea.

Treasure Slots

Unknown slots (accompanied with S grade slots, on the center)

Old Easter EggsEdit

Special Episode 2 Teaser Edit


Special Episode 2 Teased

On November 27, iOS players can notice a new tower appears to the right of The City of Wizards. This is to catch a glimpse of the next season as well as the new special episode, Tower of Frozen Waves. After having more than one month delay from the predicted schedule, this teaser may tell the players that the new season will come sooner than we think. After December 3, 2015, this can no longer be seen.

Tower of Frozen Waves was then officially released on 21 December 2015, with Onion Cookie accompanying its release.

Season 5 Teaser Edit

Screenshot 2015-04-17-23-01-00

Episode 4 is being teased.

In order to tease users a taste of Season 5, Devsisters had planted a yet another easter egg on the Android version. On the episode map, players could see what's behind the cloud to reveal the next environment of the upcoming episode. It was viewable, but unplayable. After the major update, players can now play on the new Episode, The City of Wizards.

Green Apple Rabbit Formation Edit

At the final stage of Escape from the Oven, at the resting phase, players can see Bonus Time letters forming Green Apple Rabbit. It was already present three months before her release in the game, because Kakao Cookie Run has already released the Apple Cookie before the New World update. When LINE gets their turn on the update, they do not remove all that has already been implemented in Kakao, including the Green Apple Rabbit as well as the Apple Cookie in the Episode map.