Can you gain more health than you lose? [(spoiler how to add?)] For every person who plays Cookie Run, they would inevitably come across the sad reality that their health bar slowly but surely would come to an end. And kudos to the many who put in the hours to figure out better combinations or getting the elusive Blessed evolved treasures for that extra bit of stat just to keep the health bar from vanishing all too quickly. And they wonder... is it possible, through some combination of bonuses and treasures to maintain a health bar that outpaces the rate of energy drain?

Here, we'll look at the simple mathematics behind energy drain calculations by reverse engineering and determining once and for all the fate of our endless battle for a longer, healthier life bar.

Energy Per Second Edit

This is the value to measure the potency of potions generators (cookies and pets) as well as the value to measure the rate at which energy is lost during a run.

To find out if you can have more health than you just have to attain a higher EPS than the map's EPS!

EPS for Episodes Edit

EPS for maps is the rate at which your energy drains per second

Episode 1 = 3 EPS

Episode 2 = 4 EPS

Episode 3 = 4 EPS

Episode 4 = 5 EPS

Test Method:

100 energy brave cookie + 260 energy boost LV.60 = 360 energy bar.

EXP after run / 10 = seconds in the run.

EP. 1 = 1200 exp = 120 seconds (360 energy / 120s = 3 EPS)

EP. 2/3 = 900 exp = 90 seconds (360 energy / 90s = 4 EPS)

EP. 4 = 720 exp = 72 seconds (360 energy / 72s = 5 EPS)

EPS for Cookies/Pets Edit

EPS for potion generators is the rate at which you gain energy per second

Jelly Data shows which Cookie/Pets can generate potion

notable ones:

Enchanted Locket makes a 15 energy potion in 15 seconds = 1 EPS

Oak Barrel makes a 30 energy potion in 34 seconds = 0.88235 EPS

Tea Cup makes a 30? energy potion in 31 seconds = 0.9677 EPS

Blackberry Cookie seldom makes a 5 energy potion so her EPS is almost 0

Alchemist Cookie also makes a 5 energy potion every 15 seconds or so if played correctly... so her EPS = .333

Test Methods:

Test 1:

100 energy Brave Cookie + 260 energy boost LV.60 = 360 energy bar.

Enchanted Locket with a 15 energy potion every 15 seconds.

(1x 5% potion restore treasure. a 15 energy potion + 5% = a 15.75 energy potion)

Picked up 5 generated potions during run.

EXP after run / 10 = seconds in the run.

EP. 3 = 720 +150 =870 exp . 72 + 15 seconds from potion = 87 seconds.

a 15 energy potion lasts 3 seconds in EP. 3 when energy drains at a rate of 5 EPS

(Conclusion: game drops any non-interger value / rounds down on potion's energy value)

Test 2:

same as above except:

(1x 10% potion restore treasure. a 15 energy potion + 10% more = 16.5 or...a 16 energy potion)

EP . 3 = 720 + 160 = 880 exp. 72 + 16 seconds from potions = 88 seconds.


5 potion x 1 extra energy per potion = 5 extra energy = 1 seconds more.

Test 3:

same as above except:

(2x 10% potion restore treasure. a 15 energy potion + (10% * 10%) more = 18.15 or an 18 energy potion)

EP . 3 = 720 + 180 = 900 exp. 72 + 18 seconds from potions = 90 seconds.


5 potion x 3 extra energy per potion = 15 extra energy = 3 seconds more.

Combinations with the highest EPS Edit

While it is quite popular to pursue the Slower Energy Drain (SED) method: Edit

you may have a 66% sed but there's no potion generation to keep you going. You'd be facing a slow SLOW death.

Energy Drain Formula:

1 - (1- sed1 ) (1- sed2 ) ... (1- sedn) = total sed

1 - (1-.17)(1-.25)(1-.25)(1-.1)(1-.1)(1-.1) = .659648 ~ 66%

What this means is that for Episode 1 who's EPS = 3. You've just reduced it to an EPS of 1.02.

So you'd lose 1 energy per second. (or negative -1 EPS)

On the other hand, pursuing the Potion Restore (PR) method: show a bit of promise. Edit

With the overkill combination, your potion generators would be 245% as efficient!

This means if you add in Enchanted Locket as your pet, who has the best EPS of 1, your overall build would have an EPS of 2.45!

compared to the sed method, Potion over kill would give you a net of (3 - 2.45 = negative -.55 EPS) or you'd lose .55 energy per second. So you'd last almost twice as long.

But nevertheless you'd eventually die!

What about a combination of both??? Edit

So while the more Slower Energy Drain bonuses you stack, you get diminishing returns, why not use ONE bonus for SED (no diminishing for one) and the rest for PR.

Lets pick the biggest bonus you can get for SED, a 25% slower energy drain bonus

then Coffee Cookie 29% PR, 3x Blessed Rich Black Coffee at 15% PR each

Episode 1 = (3 * .75) = - 2.25 EPS


Your combo = (1.29 * 1.15 * 1.15 * 1.15) = 1.96 EPS

difference = -.29 EPS, Progress! you're now only losing .29 energy per second, you could last very long, but still you'd eventually die :(

Can you gain more health than you lose? NO Edit

Not at the moment

and probably never will

because Devsisters engineers would make sure you'd always die, or else the game is broken.

But hey, what if... just what if they missed out on a few details here and there

and they release some new pet with higher EPS

or some treasure with more PR %

or a combination bonus that grants PR and SED...

after all,

we're only .29 EPS away from unity

(That is, if you play a perfect game)

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