Episode 1 Achievement Event is a series of limited-time events that occur at the end of April 2015, in line with the release of Cocoa Cookie and Marshmallow Hamster. There are three events that came together, and each of them are focused on three aspects: reaching the last stage, collecting coins within one run, and reaching a target score of a particular episode. In contrast to the March version of this event, all events focused on the Episode 1: Escape from the Oven exclusively.

Players are only able to receive the reward once during the event, in contrast to How Far Can You Run?, which rewards can be claimed daily during the active period. Players can collect more than one rewards at once, for example if the player runs until the 11th stage, all 8 rewards will be rewarded in one time.

Collect as much coins as you can in Escape from the Oven Edit


Newsletter retrieved 24 April 2015

This first event encourages players to get as much coins as they can on Escape from the Oven.

Rewards Edit

Coins Collected Reward
1,000 2 Double XPs
2,000 100 GP
4,000 1 Cookie Relay
7,000 3,500 Coin 001
10,000 4 Power Jellies Boosts
15,000 5 Double XPs
20,000 200 MP
30,000 5 Energy Boosts
40,000 2 Cookie Relays
50,000 10 CookieRunCrystal

Achieve Target Scores in Escape from the Oven Edit


Newsletter retrieved 24 April 2015

The second event, similar to Target Score Event, requires players to achieve 40 million points. Cookie Relay use is allowed.

Rewards Edit

Score achieved Reward
500,000 Coin 001 3,000
1,000,000 3 Energy Boost
3,000,000 3 Double XP
5,000,000 3,500 Coin 001
8,000,000 150 GP
10,000,000 5 CookieRunCrystal
15,000,000 5 Power Jellies Boost
20,000,000 5,000 Coin 001
30,000,000 4 Fast Starts
40,000,000 500 MP

Reach the Last Stage in Escape from the Oven Edit


Newsletter retrieved 24 April 2015

This third event, similar to How Far Can You Run?, requires the player to reach the last stage in Episode 1. However, prizes can only be claimed once during the event period, not daily.

With the low difficulty of reaching the last stage in this episode, many players can collect this prizes in tandem with the two previous events already included above.

Rewards Edit

Reached stage Reward
Stage 4 3,000 Coin 001
Stage 5 3 Double XP
Stage 6 2 Fast Starts
Stage 7 1 Cookie Relay
Stage 8 4,000 Coin 001
Stage 9 5 CookieRunCrystal
Stage 10 5,000 Coin 001
Stage 11 500 MP

Similar EventsEdit