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―Event newsletter

Episode Challenge! is a time-limited event running from December 21, 2015 to January 4, 2016, 5p.m.(GMT+9). Players are required to fill various challenges tied to each episode in Cookie Run, with the exception of Ghost Pirate's Island of Coins being excluded from the event. Missions can be cleared with using Cookie Relay. This event is very similar with the May 2015 event in which the event would appear after a new season started.

List of Challenges and RewardsEdit

Episode ChallengesEdit

Episode Goal Reward
Escape from the Oven Achieve 1M pts Coin 001 2,500
Achieve 5M pts 3 Double XP
Collect 1,000 Coins 2 Power Jellies Boost
Collect 3,000 Coins 3 Energy Boost 40
Collect 20,000 Coins 2 Cookie Relay
Collect 50,000 Coins MP 300
Reach Stage 7 Coin 001 3,000
Reach Stage 11 CookieRunCrystal 2
Collect 1 Mystery Box GP150
Fall in hole 1 time 1 Cookie Relay
Primeval Jungle Achieve 3M pts Coin 001 3,000
Achieve 5M pts Double XP
Achieve 20M pts Energy Boost 40
Achieve 50M pts Fast Start
Collect 17,000 Coins Cookie Relay
Reach Stage 7 Double XP
Reach Stage 9 Coin 001 5,000
Reach Stage 10 MP 300
Revive 8 times Power Jellies Boost
Collect 3 Mystery Boxes 200 GP
Dragon's Valley Achieve 10M pts Double XP
Achieve 30M pts Energy Boost 40
Achieve 50M pts 5,000 Coin 001
Achieve 99.99M pts 300 MP
Collect 15,000 Coins Cookie Relay
Reach Stage 6 Power Jellies Boost
Reach Stage 7 Fast Start
Reach Stage 8 CookieRunCrystal
Revive 15 times Fast Start
Collect 3 Mystery Boxes 300 GP
The City of Wizards Achieve 10M pts Double XP
Achieve 15M pts 4,000 Coin 001
Achieve 30M pts Cookie Relay
Achieve 50M pts Power Jellies Boost
Achieve 99.99M pts 400 MP
Collect 30,000 Coins 200MP
Reach Stage 8 4,000 Coin 001
Reach Stage 9 Cookie Relay
Reach Stage 10 CookieRunCrystal
Get lifted from hole 12 times Energy Boost 40
Tower of Frozen Waves Clear 3 Floor's 1st Mission Double XP
Clear 6 Floor's 1st Mission Cookie Relay
Clear 10 Floor's 1st Mission 200 GP
Clear 15 Floor's 1st Mission 7,000 Coin 001
Clear 20 Floor's 1st Mission CookieRunCrystal
Acquire 5 Frozen Stars Fast Start
Acquire 11 Frozen Stars Double XP
Acquire 18 Frozen Stars 250 GP
Acquire 25 Frozen Stars Cookie Relay
Acquire 35 Frozen Stars 500 MP

Challenge BonusEdit

Goal Reward
Achieve 12 Challenges 1 Silver Fortune Dough
Achieve 24 Challenges 1 Silver Fortune Dough
Achieve 37 Challenges 1 Silver Fortune Dough
Achieve 50 Challenges 1 Golden Fortune Dough

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