Escape from the Oven is the first episode in Cookie Run where the cookies escaped from the Witch's oven and run towards the Cookie Kingdom where they realized, upon arrival, that their kingdom is in ruins.

Compared with other episodes, this episode does not put emphasis on moving obstacles as with the other episodes. Most of the obstacles are static, and players could predict the stages pretty easily. Most of the stages (except the final stage) lasted for 20-25 seconds. Currently Escape from the Oven is the easiest stage, as new players start in this world.

This episode, since the very beginning, is a famous place for Coin Farming. The way it was designed, it is a friendly place to take as much coins with any loadout compared with the other episodes.

This episode was the staple of the game since the very first season upon this game's release and it went on several modification during seasonal change. To date, this is the only episode where the patterns have changed multiple times.

Prior to the Cookie Run: New World update, this is the only episode that players can play and compete on. There were no difficulty level and every stages passed, it became exponentially more difficult. With the New World update, this episode was once again modified and become much easier, in order to compensate for harder episodes.

In the first season, the cookies went on through 9 places and ended up in a peaceful Cookie Kingdom where they finally found freedom. It was then updated and changed the story so that they ended up in Cookie Kingdom that has been destroyed.

Episode Summary Edit

Ah, I can't go on like this anymore!
The tale of the Cookies who woke up in the oven and are
risking everything to escape.
Jump, slide, run and don't look back!

Stages Edit

The stages explained in this article are the stages from Cookie Run: New World and City of Wizards. Although the stages are the same, the patterns are different in Cookie Run: 2nd Story.

There are 11 stages in this episode. Each stages in this episode takes about 20-30 seconds long, although this is relatively short, the final stage is the longest in the game, totaling much more than stage 1-10 combined.

With the City of Wizards update, new obstacle patterns are introduced. Some obstacles are impossible to pass without the help of power-ups. The final stage doesn't loop upon reaching the end. Instead, it goes to the 2nd round, which introduces harder pattern, and twice as long as the first round.

Escape from the Oven 1

1. The Witch's Oven Edit

Players starts at this stage and includes basic obstacles and jellies. This stage serves like the tutorial of the game. All obstacles are stationary. Here, the players can move and jump and does basic tasks, such as jumping and sliding over obstacles. There are small holes too, although it might not show up. This and The Witch's Kitchen is the only stages that have more than 1 patterns every game.

Escape from the Oven 2

2. The Witch's Kitchen Edit

The cookies escaped from the oven and moving on to the kitchen. The obstacles and holes are also basic and stationary, although they appear more often. Higher obstacles require players to double-jump. Like The Witch's Oven, it has more than 1 patterns.

Escape from the Oven Stage 3

3. The Witch's Forest Road Edit

The cookies went out from the Witch's house and enter the forest road. Here, the game introduced new mechanics that obstacles are required to be obliterated by Coin Power Jelly.

Escape from the Oven 4

4. Underground Tunnel Edit

There are a lot of obstacles for players to avoid. Players might need to combine jumping and sliding at the same time.

Escape from the Oven 5

5. Sunflower Forest Edit

The game introduced moving obstacles (the birds!) and players will have to slide down to avoid collision. This is the only stage where there is absolutely no holes for the cookies to fall into.

Escape from the Oven 6

6. Daytime Beach Edit

In this stage, players take a break and jump through holes. There are some obstacles that blocks the way, but with the Coin Jelly, everything can be cleared up.

In the City of Wizards update, the hanging obstacles returned, which requires players to slide down.

Escape from the Oven 7

7. Nighttime Beach Edit

Players have to maneuver between a series of obstacles and holes, longer than the underground tunnel. The stage ends up with obstacles that is impossible to avoid unless players grab a Giant Jelly.

Escape from the Oven 8

8. Ice Cream Candy Mountains Edit

Players is now challenged to jump through small platforms to avoid falling through holes. Obtaining Power Jellies are necessary to avoid collision. There are also multiple series obstacles placed in a single jump, so players have to jump further.

In the City of Wizards update, there's a huge wall that is unavoidable unless player grabs the Blast Jelly.

Escape from the Oven 9

9. Cream Puff Canyon Edit

The stage introduced a flying platform that is still relatively easy to maneuver. It also introduces enemies that moves towards the cookie. The cookie need to jump or slide.

In the City of Wizards update, players require to pick a path of enemies or a path underneath which contains no enemies.

Escape from the Oven 10

10. Crystal Jelly Cave Edit

This stage combined everything the player learned so far by placing multiple obstacles that the player have to avoid.

In the City of Wizards update, players face a horde of enemies that can be obliterated by Coin Jelly. Also players will witness a chain reaction between Magnet Jelly and unobtainable Coin Jelly to obliterate impossible obstacles. The stage ended with lots of Blast Jelly blast all the way through the next stage.

Escape from the Oven 11

11. Cookie Kingdom Ruins Edit

Part 1 Edit

This is where the challenge begins. This stage is relatively harder than the previous stages, and have a duration much longer than the first 10 stages combined. There are no large health potions to recover the cookie's energy. Upon reaching the end, players don't repeat the same stage. Instead, players are sent to Part 2 with no large health potions.

Part 2 Edit

This is new in the City of Wizards update. It features a harder version of this stage, which contains a harder set of obstacles. It has a duration longer than the first part and the first 10 stages combined. At the end, the stage repeats once before entering the third part of the stage.

  • The third Bonus Time (in alphabets) can be found here.

Part 3 Edit

This is the suggested final part of the stage, where the stage becomes a barren wasteland with minimal jellies on sight. Appearing 45 minutes after the start of the game, this stage's difficulty is extremely harder than the previous and there are no jelly trail to guide. Some patterns from Edge of the World are returning, making it a true challenge for players who aims to reach the end. It is unknown how long this stage is.

This is intended to prevent players from infinitely running the stage providing if they manage to beat the previous part well. There will be no health potion to replenish the cookie so it is intended to make the cookie run out of energy in this area.

Retired Stages Edit

These are the stages that were once placed inside the game but were then removed during an update. No official names are given in these cut stages so these are unofficially named.

Sunflower Garden Edit

This stage appeared briefly in Edge of the World season. It was first placed between Sunflower Forest and Daytime Beach, where there are lots of bees that swarms toward the cookie. When the cookie hits the bee, the cookie's speed will slow down for one second while the cookie still loses the energy.

Mushroom Cave Edit

This stage also appeared briefly in Edge of the World season. It was placed between Ice Cream Candy Mountains and Cream Puff Canyon. The mushrooms grow and shrink in size so that players have to be careful. There are mines placed at the end of the stage (similar to the lightning bolt in the 2nd stage of Dragon's Valley) that was now removed.

Snowy Mountains Edit

This stage appeared in the first season placed right after Nighttime Beach. This stage is very known for giving out two guaranteed Bonus Times. One of them can be collected by collecting a complete letter and the latter one can be collected with Bonus Time Jelly. However, both Bonus Time letters and jellies are placed in the middle of long holes, so if the player fails to collect they will fall into a hole. There are also lots of coins that is impossible to reach without the help of Magnetic Aura, Snow Blossom, or any flying cookie.

Chocolate Candy Island Edit

CRS1 Stage 10

Cookie Kingdom on Season 1.

This was an earlier version of Ice Cream Candy Mountains appear in the first season of Cookie Run. It is infamously known for requiring the players make the short jump between 16 very narrow spaces, leading to falling in a hole if the player did not concentrate. There are also some traps similar to Snowy Mountains where players must jump and collect Bonus Time letters before they fall into a hole.

Ancient Land Edit

This stage was the penultimate stage of the first season in Cookie Run. It is once a difficult stages with series of obstacles placed in the way. Many traps has been given for this stage and requires a quick response, or the cookie may fall into a hole or hit an obstacle. This is the first stage where a player also must manually collect all Bonus Time alphabets scrambled in one part to avoid colliding.

Cookie Kingdom Edit

This is the final stage in the first season of Cookie Run. Players have to survive through a very challenging series of obstacles, carefully placed and there's a very limited space to maneuver.

Season 1 2nd Story Edge of The World New World
The City of Wizards
1. The Witch's Oven 1. The Witch's Oven 1. The Witch's Oven 1. The Witch's Oven
2. The Witch's Kitchen 2. The Witch's Kitchen 2. The Witch's Kitchen
2. The Witch's Forest Road 3. The Witch's Forest Road 3. The Witch's Forest Road 3. The Witch's Forest Road
3. Underground Tunnel 4. Underground Tunnel 4. Underground Tunnel 4. Underground Tunnel
5. Sunflower Forest 5. Sunflower Forest 5. Sunflower Forest
6. Sunflower Garden
4. Daytime Beach 6. Daytime Beach 7. Daytime Beach 6. Daytime Beach
5. Nighttime Beach 7. Nighttime Beach 8. Nighttime Beach 7. Nighttime Beach
6. Snowy Mountain
7. Chocolate Candy Island 8. Ice Cream Candy Mountains 9. Ice Cream Candy Mountains 8. Ice Cream Candy Mountains
10. Mushroom Cave
9. Cream Puff Canyon 11. Cream Puff Canyon 9. Cream Puff Canyon
10. Crystal Jelly Cave 12. Crystal Jelly Cave 10. Crystal Jelly Cave
8. Ancient Land
9. Cookie Kingdom 11. Cookie Kingdom Ruins 13. Cookie Kingdom Ruins 11. Cookie Kingdom Ruins

Strategy Edit

King Choco Drop

King Choco Drop can be obtained as a special reward in this episode.

Escape from the Oven is a relatively easy episode, with 20-25 seconds long in each stage. Health Potions are always there to assist players and appears quite frequent until players reached the final stage. Almost all of the obstacles are static and it is quite easy to avoid, even with 30% Increased Base Speed.

Jellies has a relatively lower count than usual in each stage compared with the rest of the episodes. Adding extra points for each jellies is not a good idea in this episode, unless players would like to do an endurance challenge. A good strategy is to make use of jelly-generating pets or cookies, and make use as much as the players can from it.

Things to Unlock Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Before the May 18th, 2016 update the episode was classified as Easy. After the update, the difficulty indicator was changed to an amount of stars - the more stars, the more difficult the episode is. Escape from the Oven is still the easiest of all episodes thus far at just 2 stars.
  • Many new players are under the impression that Cheesecake Cookie and Mint Choco Cookie are the best Cookies for Escape from the Oven as the Weekly Rankings is usually very saturated with it. This is only partially true - Cheesecake Cookie and Mint Choco Cookie are the best Cookie for generating coins, and Escape from the Oven is the best stage as it has the least obstacles and is generally more relaxing when farming coins.
  • In the Edge of the World iteration, players will enter slow motion mode in the Cream Puff Canyon. It helps players guide across hard obstacles, but unsuspecting players might fall into a pithole by jumping twice too fast. Although the game is in slow motion, energy drains at the same rate.
  • The last stage, Cookie Kingdom Ruins in Escape from the Oven, and the first stage, Cookie Kingdom Ruins in Primeval Jungle are actually connected. Other than the two having the same stage name, the one in Escape from the Oven has you entering the ruins and the one in Primeval Jungle has you exiting the ruins.
  • In the first 3 Seasons of Cookie Run the Lobby Music it was based off this Ovenbreak sound file:

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