Collecting various items to level up or further your skills is known in the gaming community as farming. Here you can find guides for farming in Cookie Run.

There are three types of farming in Cookie Run: Coin Farming, XP Farming, and Auto Farming. Auto Farming can be seen as an alternative to Coin Farming, albeit with no interaction involved.

Coin Farming Edit

Tip1 Coins 20102014

"Tips from Hidden Hermit" showing basic ways to earn more coins - earn the preferred cookies, pets, and treasures that produces coins. Retrieved 20 Oct 2014.

Coin Farming is a term many players use to refer the most effective way to earn coins while playing games. There are several methods of earning coins quickly. The objective of coin farming is to either earn big amount of coins in relatively short run or earning the biggest possible amount of coins in a long run,using combination of unique set of cookie, pet, treasures, and boost. Letting the game farm coin for you is a viable alternative while you are away is also called as Auto Farming.

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Auto Farming Edit

Auto Farming or AFK Farming is a term some players use to refer to the most effective way to earn Coins with the least amount of effort: pressing the Play button and let the game play itself. With the advent of New World update, coins gained this way are quite significant for very little effort, it is an effective method to gain Coins (and XP) without paying much attention freeing up time for the player to do other things.

Main article: Auto Farming

XP Farming Edit

XP Farming is a term many players use to refer to the most effective way to earn XP for each run. Due to the recent level cap increases to level 70, there are many coin, crystal, and treasure rewards that comes with reaching each level. Some treasures like the Lv.50 Golden Club Trophy and the Lv.60 Legends Club Trophy can only be obtained through reaching these level tiers. The objective of XP farming is to earn the most experience points in relatively short runs, or to earn the largest possible experience points in long runs, using combinations of cookies, pets, treasures, and boosts.

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