Fire Spirit Cookie is an L-grade Cookie that can be earned as one of the rewards you can get by collecting all of the Mystery Jewels in Dragon's Valley. Fire Spirit Cookie is the sixth Power+ Cookie. This cookie will run a short blast as a fire spirit (hence his name) after being revived. His skill can also be triggered by using any pet or treasure that revives him.

Skill Edit

It turns into a fire spirit for a set time after being revived.

Power+: Creates Mystery Box at a given rate in Episode 3 "Dragon's Valley" (Higher probability with upgrades)

Description Edit

This is a legendary Cookie that has withstood flames of the oven for so long that flames have become a part of him. No one knows how he managed to achieve this feat and anyone that rests their eyes on him become enthralled by the warm glowing light of his eternal flames.

Statistics Edit

The name of his skill is Fiery Spark. Depending on the level, it helps the cookie revive and blast all the way through the stage.

He is a popular relay for his ability to cover massive distances via his continual revives and blasts, along with his already naturally high energy from being an L-grade cookie.

Level Energy Skill Upgrade Cost
165 Fiery Spark Lv.1
Revive once with 30 Energy
168 Fiery Spark Lv.2
Revive once with 30 Energy
171 Fiery Spark Lv.3
Revive twice with 20 Energy
174 Fiery Spark Lv.4
Revive twice with 30 Energy
177 Fiery Spark Lv.5
Revive thrice with 30 Energy
180 Fiery Spark Lv.6
Revive 4 times with 30 Energy
183 Fiery Spark Lv.7
Revive 5 times with 30 Energy
185 Fiery Spark Lv.8
Revive 6 times with 30 Energy

Loading Messages Edit

  • Burn flaming balls of fire!
  • The power of fire is relentless!
  • Let's burn it up!
  • I am the living incarnation of fire!
  • I can't extinguish the flames!
  • I wanna play with fire!
  • Flames, let me hear you roar!
  • Ahahaha!

Trivia Edit

  • Together with Tiger Lily Cookie, these are the first L-grade Cookies to be released.
  • In Hot Hot Sweet Potato's description, it is stated that it is his favorite snack.
  • This cookie was once called Magma Cookie before his release on Cookie Run. However, that cookie was only a prototype of this cookie and the idea was scrapped and Devsisters decided to replace it with Fire Spirit Cookie.
  • He was responsible for generating the Wrath of the Dragon season, by burning the dragon's nose hair and awakening him.

Gallery Edit

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Fiery Spark (Begin)Edit

FireSpirit ReviveStart

Fiery Spark (Start)Edit

FireSpirit TransformStart

During Fiery SparkEdit

FireSpirit TransformFlight

Fiery Spark (End)Edit

FireSpirit TransformEnd

Power+ passiveEdit


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