Quote1 Born from the flames in the heart of the oven. Quote2
―Cookie Run Newsletter on Flame Bat

Flame Bat is an S-grade Pet in LINE and a Rare Pet in OvenBreak. It allows Cookies to catch souls to earn points and energy during the run. It has the same ability as Devil Cookie, but it can both catch his souls and make them show up for other cookies.


(LINE) Catches Spirit Jellies one at a time. Each Spirit Jelly gives a small dose of Energy.

(OvenBreak) Catches Spectral Jelly, which also recovers Cookie's Energy level. Also, collecting Spectral Jellies for Devil Cookie will contribute to the Spectral Jelly count that Devil Cookie needs to transform. Level Up will activate Skill more frequently.


(LINE) It caught the Witch's attention when it was searching around for ice water after eating something really, really hot. Since then, it always seems to be thirsty.

(OvenBreak) It caught the Witch's attention while frantically searching for ice cold water. Perhaps it ate something really, really spicy. It has since forgotten what it was so dearly looking for since the unfortunate encounter with the Witch, and it has never been able to quench its thirst either.


Level Skill Effect Upgrade Cost
Every 16 sec N/A
Every 15 sec 29,000
Every 14 sec 31,000
Every 13 sec 34,000
Every 12 sec 36,000
Every 11 sec 38,000
Every 10 sec 47,000
Every 9 sec 56,000

Possible Combination Bonus Edit

Cookie Combi Bonus
Devil Cookie
Devil Cookie (S) LINE: Extra points for Spirit Jelly / OB: +500 points for each Spectral Jelly

Trivia Edit

  • The update in prices was probably made during the Wrath of the Dragon Season. Secret Combinations with Flame Bat was also removed during the start of the season.



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