Foxy Bead is a pet that was released with Ninetales Cookie. It creates Giant Blast Beads, which is a combined Blast and Giant Jelly powerup.


(LINE) Creates Giant Blast Beads (The Cookie becomes giant and blasts forward).

(OvenBreak) Creates Giant Blast Bead at given intervals. Created more frequently with Level Up.


(LINE) Ninetales' lost companion, it's unusual skill is still strong, but it has to rejoin the Cookie before the bright blue light is extinguished.

(OvenBreak) According to old tales, Fox Bead is a mystical and powerful bead that came out of Kumiho Cookie, a nine tailed Cookie. The evergreen glow of this Pet is almost bewitching!

Strategy (LINE) Edit

Its Skill complements Ninetales Cookie's, reducing the number of double jumps she performs and helping her stay in Cookie form longer. It is a good choice to use it with Cookies whose abilities are triggered or enhanced by Giant Jellies over other Pets which produce Giant Jellies (such as AWOL Cracker), as the Blast it provides is most efficient in conserving energy.


Level Skill Effect Upgrade Cost
Every 23 sec N/A
Every 22 sec 29,000
Every 21 sec 31,000
Every 20 sec 34,000
Every 19 sec 36,000
Every 18 sec 38,000
Every 17 sec 47,000
Every 16 sec 56,000

Possible Combination BonusEdit

Cookie Combi Bonus
Ninetales Cookie
Ninetales Cookie (S) Extra points for Jellies during Giant Mode

Trivia Edit

  • In LINE, maxing out the pet will give you Foxy Bead's Heart as a reward.
  • This pet was likely based off the Kitsune Ball, an object mentioned in tales to be the fox's most prized possession, potentially holding most if not all their power. Some tales even describe it as containing their very life force, resulting in the Kitsune's death if separated from it for too long.
  • This pet is known simply as "Fox Bead" in Cookie Run: OvenBreak.