Foxy Bead's Heart is an S-grade treasure obtained by upgrading Foxy Bead to Level 8.

Equipped EffectEdit

With upgrades get 20-40 extra Energy


Only the heart is left after the Foxy Bead's blue-skill light is turned off.


Level Skill Effect Coin Upgrade Cost Crystal Upgrade Cost
Foxy Bead's Heart
20 extra Energy N/A N/A
Foxy Bead's Heart+1
22 extra Energy 17,000 15
Foxy Bead's Heart+2
24 extra Energy 21,000 19
Foxy Bead's Heart+3
26 extra Energy 25,000 23
Foxy Bead's Heart+4
28 extra Energy 27,000 27
Foxy Bead's Heart+5
30 extra Energy 29,000 31
Foxy Bead's Heart+6
32 extra Energy 31,000 35
Foxy Bead's Heart+7
34 extra Energy 33,000 39
Foxy Bead's Heart+8
37 extra Energy 35,000 43
Foxy Bead's Heart+9
40 extra Energy 38,000 47


  • In legends, the "heart" or life force of the Gumiho or Nine Tailed Fox will be its Bead. Once the bead is destroyed, there is a high chance that the Nine Tailed Fox would die.