Freedom for all Cookies! is a mission event held on 17 until 25th of February 2015. It requires players to complete certain goals using specific type of cookies. Every cookie comes with their own prize, and for every 7 missions cleared, players can claim Crystals and Magic Powders unobtainable through other means except by purchasing. This is the second event where players are able to obtain Magic Powders through other means than extracting.

Since this requires to use cookies only, players may choose which pet to accompany throughout the mission.

Rules Edit

  1. Mission cannot be cleared if players used Cookie Relay to extend the game.
  2. Ghost Pirate's Island of Coins are not part of this event.
  3. Prizes can only be claimed once.


Earning New Cookies Edit

Newer players might have some difficulties earning cookies still locked. While it is might be impossible to unlock all cookies required within 9 days, it is still possible to unlock most of them without using Crystals. More details can be seen in this blog post by Akrie.

Finishing Missions Edit

Most missions are pretty easy to finish, they can be unlocked even with only using Level 1 of each corresponding cookie. But, some missions that some people find tough are:

  • Cheesecake Cookie: Get 17K Coins. See Coin Farming for details.
  • Pistachio Cookie: Reach Stage 7 from Episode 3. This can be helped with using any pets that produces blast speed, treasures to increase blast speed, and using Fast Start boost.
  • Vampire Cookie: Get 20M pts. Vampire Cookie gives bonus points for passing obstacles, so run with episodes with most obstacles such as Primeval Jungle and Dragon's Valley. In addition, using 15% points bonus from Random Boost and treasures with bonus points for jellies will help.
  • Carol Cookie: Get 13K Coins. Keep the cookie in Songs of Abundance, which will produce coin flower. Even to make it easier and avoid the use of the Random Boost you can use treasures with coin bonus and the Coin Scale pet, then select episode 2 or episode 3 because of the higher amount of jellies (more jellies = more points = more coins) or if it is to hard you can buy the Double Coins from the Random Boost, so at the end of the game you will get more than 13K coins.

List of Missions Edit

Cookie Missions Edit

Mission Goal Reward
Brave Cookie Get 500K pts Coin 001 3000
Bright Cookie Get 2000 XP 3 Double XPs
Strawberry Cookie Get 1000 Coins 1 Fast Start
Cream Cookie Reach Stage 5 3 Power Jellies Boosts
Cloud Cookie Get 1M pts 3 Energy Boosts
Buttercream Choco Cookie Get 3000 Coins GP 130
Coffee Cookie Reach Stage 10 from Episode 1 1 Cookie Relay
Boarder Cookie Reach Stage 4 from Episode 2 Coin 001 4000
Princess Cookie Get 2M pts 4 Double XPs
Knight Cookie Reach Stage 9 from Episode 1 Coin 001 5000
Muscle Cookie Get 1.5M pts 4 Power Jellies Boosts
Zombie Cookie Reach Stage 5 from Episode 2 MP 200
Angel Cookie Get 3500 Coins 1 Cookie Relay
Pirate Cookie Get 5000 Coins 2 Fast Starts
Ninja Cookie Reach Stage 11 from Episode 1 Coin 001 5000
Skating Queen Cookie Get 5M pts 5 Double XPs
Hero Cookie Reach Stage 4 from Episode 3 Coin 001 6000
Special Force Cookie Get 4M pts 4 Power Jellies Boosts
Cheerleader Cookie Get 2000 Coins 4 Energy Boosts
Ninetales Cookie Get 3M pts 5 Double XPs
Devil Cookie Get 6M pts Coin 001 7000
Fairy Cookie Reach Stage 5 from Episode 2 3 Fast Starts
Wizard Cookie Get 5.5M pts GP 290
Rockstar Cookie Get 3.5M pts Coin 001 7000
Soda Cookie Reach Stage 11 from Episode 1 5 Energy Boosts
Cherry Cookie Get 6.5M pts 2 Cookie Relays
Cheesecake Cookie Get 17K coins MP 500
Prophet Cookie Get 7.5M pts Coin 001 8000
Pistachio Cookie Reach Stage 7 from Episode 3 4 Double XPs
Alchemist Cookie Get 7M pts 5 Power Jellies Boosts
Vampire Cookie Get 20M pts MP 500
Adventurer Cookie Get 3 Mystery Boxes GP 330
Muay Thai Cookie Get 10M pts Coin 001 9000
Snow Sugar Cookie Reach Stage 6 from Episode 2 5 Energy Boosts
Carol Cookie Get 13K Coins MP 400
Blackberry Cookie Get 8M pts MP 300

Mission Bonus Edit

Goal Reward
Clear 7 missions CookieRunCrystal 10
Clear 14 missions MP 2,000
Clear 21 missions CookieRunCrystal 10
Clear 28 missions CookieRunCrystal 10
Clear 36 missions MP 4,000

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