Fruity Challenge is a limited-time event in which players are required to complete certain missions with certain cookies. This event focuses on the cookies that are based on fruits, such as Strawberry Cookie and Blackberry Cookie to name. Once a certain amount of missions has been cleared, players can receive CookieRunCrystal. Cookie Relay is not allowed, and Ghost Pirate's Island of Coins is excluded from the event.

Walkthrough Edit

  • You can finish multiple goals at the same time. For example, it is entirely possible to finish all of Strawberry Cookie's, Cherry Cookie's, Apple Cookie's and Blackberry Cookie's goals in just one run with the right combi.

List of MissionsEdit

Cookie Goal Reward
Strawberry Cookie
Strawberry Cookie
2M pts Double XP 2
5M pts Coin 001 3000
10M pts Power Jellies Boost 2
Collect 2,000 Coins Energy Boost 40 3
Collect 5,000 Coins Cookie Relay 1
Collect 1 Mystery Box Double XP 2
Reach Stage 11 in Ep. 1 Coin 001 5000
Cherry Cookie
Cherry Cookie
15M pts Coin 001 3500
25M pts Cookie Relay 1
Reach Stage 6 in Ep.2 Power Jellies Boost 3
Revive 4 times Energy Boost 40 2
Apple Cookie
Apple Cookie
7M pts Double XP 2
Collect 4,000 Coins Fast Start 1
Reach Stage 5 in Ep.2 Coin 001 3500
Enter Bonus Time 3 times Energy Boost 40 3
Blackberry Cookie
Blackberry Cookie
20M pts Double XP 3
40M pts Coin 001 4000
Collect 12,000 Coins Fast Start 2
Collect 3 Mystery Boxes Cookie Relay 1
Kiwi Biker Cookie
Kiwi Biker Cookie
60M pts Double XP 4
Reach Stage 6 in Ep.3 Coin 001 6000
Reach Stage 8 in Ep.4 Cookie Relay 2
Get lifted from hole 5 times Power Jellies Boost 3
Lemon Cookie
Lemon Cookie
75M pts Coin 001 7500
Collect 7,000 Coins Energy Boost 40 4
Collect 20,000 Coins Double XP 5
Reach Stage 7 in Ep.2 MP 200
Reach Stage 8 in Ep.4 Coin 001 8000
Orange Cookie HD
Orange Cookie
70M pts Power Jellies Boost 4
90M pts Cookie Relay 2
Collect 30,000 Coins MP 100
Reach Stage 8 in Ep.2 Double XP 5
Reach Stage 7 in Ep.3 Coin 001 7000
Reach Stage 9 in Ep.4 MP 200
Lime Cookie
Lime Cookie
60M pts Fast Start 2
95M pts Coin 001 7000
Collect 20,000 Coins Cookie Relay 2
Collect 35,000 Coins MP 150
Reach Stage 7 in Ep.3 Coin 001 7000
Reach Stage 8 in Ep.4 MP 200

By completing a certain number of missions, you earn the following rewards:

No. of Challenges Complete Reward
10 Challenges CookieRunCrystal 10
20 Challenges CookieRunCrystal 10
30 Challenges CookieRunCrystal 10
40 Challenges CookieRunCrystal 10

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  • The event once mentioned that "Special Episode 1 & 2" are excluded from the event, but that is now fixed.
  • The Cookies are actually in order of release date in the Fruity Challenge! screen, starting with Strawberry Cookie and ending with Lime Cookie. However, it is following Kakao's release pattern as Apple Cookie was released after Cherry Cookie in the Kakao version while Apple Cookie was released after Kiwi Biker Cookie in LINE.
  • Lemon Cookie, Orange Cookie and Lime Cookie's sprites in the Fruity Challenge! screen are all unique (Lemon Cookie is holding his headphones with one hand and his eyes are closed, for example) and does not match their usual standing poses in the Cookie select screen. All others' matches the standing poses in the Cookie select screen.