Ghost Pirate's Island of Coins (sometimes also called Phantom Pirate's Island of Coins) is the first special episode from Cookie Run: New World. Unlike any other episodes, this episode is filled exclusively with coins. Players have to collect as much coins as they can before their health runs out.

To play this special episode, a player needs to use a key instead of life. They are only three keys by default and will replenish every 20 minutes. Other methods to obtain keys are by completing mystery jewels from other episodes, by using crystals, or use 20 lives.

Since there are no other jellies aside from Coins, players compete on the leaderboards not by points, but by the amount of coins obtained in a single run.

Episode Summary Edit

The ghost of the Pirate Cookie has an eerie aura surrounding him.
He's protecting his treasures hidden far away.
Anything could happen so be careful!

Twists Edit

Although it looks too good to be true for coin farmers alike, there are three major twists in this special episode.

  • Huge Collision Damage. Players take twice as much damage than usual.
  • Magnetic Aura, Cookie Relay, and Boost Items are disabled.
  • Cookie and Pet Abilities are disabled. All cookies become the same. (With the exception of the cookie's health)

Therefore, the only customization available while playing on this Episode is your combination of treasures.

Stages Edit

1. Island Shore

This is where cookies starts in this episode. They are outside of the island and is portrayed as entering into the cave of coins. There are a lot of health potions to take.

2. Ghost Pirate's Cave of Coins Edit

This is where most of the coins were. Players are challenged to take as much coins inside as possible with lots of swinging obstacles in their way. Players are required to make a smart move whether to take the risky coins or not. The very end of the stage consists of a loop of the word CONGRATULATION spelled in coins that is probably endless and with no potions, preventing players to get infinite coins.

Things to Unlock Edit

Gallery Edit

Sprites Edit

Audio Gallery Edit

Preview of Ghost Pirate's Island of Coins (in Episode map)Edit

Bgm epS01-Preview

In the lobby of Ghost Pirate's Island of CoinsEdit

Bgm epS01-Lobby

While playingEdit

Bgm epS01-1

Trivia Edit

  • In the Gold Bells event during December, the official newsletter stated this Episode as Phantom Pirate's Island of Coins.
  • Blackberry Cookie's phantoms disappear if you use her on the Island.

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