Quote1 Did someone say "Run"? Let's go! Quote2
―Brave Cookie

GingerBrave (or Brave Cookie in LINE Cookie Run) is a C-grade cookie in LINE Cookie Run and a Common Cookie in Cookie Run: OvenBreak. He is the starting cookie every novice player gets for free. This cookie has been made into the game icon of both games seen when players are downloading the applications from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Brave Cookie

Despite the skill effect showing an "increase" as Level 1 "Brave" gradually changes into the superlative form of "Bravest of All", there are no special effects for this cookie at any Level - unlike other cookies. Leveling up the cookie will still give it additional energy, even though the skill does not increase.

Skill Edit

(LINE) Not just a running Cookie. He can Jump, Double Jump, and Slide too!

(OvenBreak) Not just a running Cookie. He can Jump, Double Jump, and Slide too! Level Up will increase his Energy.

Description Edit

(LINE) What a determined Cookie! Defying his destiny, he escaped from the Witch's grasp and paved the way for others to follow. Energy upgrades will make him stronger.

(OvenBreak) GingerBrave was the first Cookie to escape from the Witch's oven. It is not told how this Cookie came to life, but rumour has it that the Witch accidentally used magic powder instead of ginger powder.

Statistics Edit

Level Energy Skill Upgrade Cost
90 Brave N/A
92 A bit braver Coin 001 500
94 A lot braver Coin 001 700
96 Even braver Coin 001 1,000
98 Super brave Coin 001 1,300
100 Shockingly brave Coin 001 1,600
100 Braver than most Coin 001 1,900
110 Bravest of all Coin 001 2,200

Possible Combination Bonus Edit

Pet Combi Bonus
Drop of Choco
Drop of Choco (C) 5 Extra Energy

Retired Edit

Pet Combi Bonus
Dust Unicorn
Dust Unicorn (B) Starts with a Bonus Time
Wishing Star
Wishing Star (A) 60 extra points from all Jellies

Loading messagesEdit

  • Did someone say "Run"? Let's go!
  • I'm no ordinary cookie. Just watch me!
  • I've gotta get out of here!
  • The Witch is away... Now's the time!
  • I refuse to be eaten alive!

Updates Edit

  • 28 June, 2016
    • Cookie energy has been increased to 100 into 110 along with Bright Cookie.
    • Best Combi with Dust Unicorn and Wishing Star has been removed.


  • In LINE, maxing out this Cookie will give you Brave Cookie's Third Skull Button as a reward.
  • He is featured in the earlier game by Devsisters: Ovenbreak, an earlier game before Cookie Run, with the same goal but Ovenbreak has a finite world.
  • He had his own event that ran during January 2015. See more: Brave Cookie's Brave Challenge
  • With no skill attached, this cookie proved to be a challenge for skilled players alike to see how long they go and how much points they can earn with this cookie.
  • Most Cookie names in Japanese end with クッキー (Cookie) much like their English counterparts. However, Brave Cookie's name is one of the exceptions. His name is 勇敢なクッキー君, where 君 (~kun) is a suffix added to refer to those of junior status, especially male children or teenagers. The other exception is Bright Cookie.
  • This is the only cookie without special abilities (even XP and coin increase!).
  • During the Halloween Party 2014, 2015, and 2016 Brave Cookie only wore a tuxedo.
  • He shares the same audio files with Hero Cookie, Skating Queen Cookie, and Bright Cookie.
  • He is featured in the event Junior Cookie Challenge, which confirms this cookie is a child.
  • In Ovenbreak, he had a brother named Dozer (even called as KK in the sound files) after running from the Witch was blacked out by a Lollipop (and probably eaten by The Witch before); after that Brave Cookie (aka.Ginger Brave) wanted to avenge for his brother escaping the Witch's oven together with the other Cookies/Gingerbreads.


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