Little Ghost is a pet that was released along with Ninja Cookie. Its ability is to lift fallen Cookies from holes, much like Rocket Firecracker. Unlike Rocket Firecracker, the lifts can be done at anytime, but at the cost of being only a limited number of times.


(LINE) Lifts Cookies when they fall into holes.

(OvenBreak) Lifts Cookies from holes. Remaining Lifts will be applied as points to your final score. The more you Level Up, the more Lifts and points per Lift.


(LINE) Poor thing. It could only escape the Witch as a ghost.

(OvenBreak) This little ghost has lived in the Witch's kitchen for so long that it no longer remembers what it once was. Poor, poor Little Ghost. This fellow helps Cookies escape by lifting them from holes, so tag along with this poor guy if you easily fall into holes.


Level Skill Effect Upgrade Cost
Once N/A
Twice 27,000
3 times 29,000
4 times 32,000
5 times 34,000
6 times 36,000
7 times 45,000
8 times 54,000

Possible Combination Bonus Edit

Cookie Combi Bonus
Ninja Cookie
Ninja Cookie (S) Extra Points for double jumps
Pirate Cookie
Pirate Cookie (S) Energy drains 12% slower

Updates Edit


  • It was speculated that this pet was used to be a cookie. None was known what happened to the cookie's fate, but it ended up as a pet that accompany other cookies to escape.
  • This pet was formerly called as GingerGhost, a space between the words was added during Cookie Run: New World update.
  • Ginger Ghost will always be your pet if you want to test out a new Cookie in trial mode before you make your purchase.
  • This Pet is known as Ginger Ghost in the LINE version of Cookie Run.
  • In LINE, maxing out the pet will give you Ginger Ghost's Sorrow as a reward.