Ginger Ghost's Sorrow is an S-grade treasure obtained by upgrading Ginger Ghost to Level 8.

Equipped Effect Edit

With upgrades lifts cookies from holes 1-3 times


It's surprising that mere sorrow can save the Cookie!


Level Skill Effect Coin Upgrade Cost Crystal Upgrade Cost
GingerGhost's Sorrow
1 lift N/A N/A
GingerGhost's Sorrow+1
1 lift 17,000 15
GingerGhost's Sorrow+2
1 lift 21,000 19
GingerGhost's Sorrow+3
1 lift 25,000 23
GingerGhost's Sorrow+4
2 lifts 27,000 27
GingerGhost's Sorrow+5
2 lifts 29,000 31
GingerGhost's Sorrow+6
2 lifts 31,000 35
GingerGhost's Sorrow+7
2 lifts 33,000 39
GingerGhost's Sorrow+8
2 lifts 35,000 43
GingerGhost's Sorrow+9
3 lifts 38,000 47

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