Glitter Ball is an S-grade Pet. It is widely considered to be one of the worst S-grade Pets, due to its Skill generating low points and coins compared to other Pets. It throws individual Coins and Colorful Star Jellies in the air, which are very difficult to collect without a strong magnetic aura. However, the Pet's treasure, Star Jelly from Glitter Ball, can be evolved into Random Colored Jelly Scrub which is a good treasure for Coin Farming with Coin Scale.


Spreads Star Jellies and Coins.


Spreads joy, excitement, and Rainbow Star Jellies wherever it goes. Not only will you get extra points, you'll feel GREAT too!


Level Skill Effect Upgrade Cost
Every 20 sec, for 3 sec N/A
Every 18.5 sec, for 3.3 sec 27,000
Every 17 sec, for 3.6 sec 29,000
Every 15.5 sec, for 3.9 sec 32,000
Every 14 sec, for 4.2 sec 34,000
Every 12.5 sec, for 4.5 sec 36,000
Every 11 sec, for 4.7 sec 45,000
Every 10 sec, for 5 sec 54,000

Possible Combination Bonus Edit

Cookie Combi Bonus
Cheerleader Cookie
Cheerleader Cookie (S) 15% slower Energy drain
Angel Cookie
Angel Cookie (S) 1500 extra points for Colorful Star Jellies
Carol Cookie
Carol Cookie (S) 15% extra Coins
Ninja Cookie
Ninja Cookie (S) Mini Magnetic Aura
Skating Queen Cookie
Skating Queen Cookie (S) 20% less Energy loss when colliding with obstacles


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