Gold Bells is a limited-time event made for celebrating the 2014 season of Christmas. The player are requested to collect Gold Bells available during the run for exclusive prizes. This event was started on 24 December 2014 and ends on 6 January 2015, 5 pm (GMT+9).

Rules Edit

  1. The player must collect a special Gold Bells available anywhere in the stages of normal play. Gold Bells is often replacing the normal jellies' position (so it will never appear replacing bear jellies or coins).
  2. Gold Bells will appear in Escape from the Oven, Primeval Jungle, and Dragon's Valley episode only.
  3. While the bell is slightly bigger than the usual jelly, Gold Bells cannot be attracted with magnetic aura.
  4. After collecting certain numbers of Gold Bells, the player will receive a reward after the run ends.
  5. After the event is over or the player have collected all prizes, the Gold Bells will gone.
  6. Prizes can only be received once.

Prizes Edit

Gold Bells collected Reward
100 20,000 Coins
200 7 Boost Set
400 Ginger Claus
500 30 Crystal
700 3 Supreme Treasure Chest Tickets


Audio GalleryEdit

Gold Bell (when nabbed) [unused sound file]Edit

G GoldenBellJelly

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