Quote1 It is not edible. Quote2
―Cookie Run Newsletter on Green Apple Rabbit

Green Apple Rabbit is an S-grade pet released at the same time with Apple Cookie. The pet has the power on giving out points based by speed (similar to Book of Wizdom) and slower energy drain (similar to Brain Gum). Green Apple Rabbit had smaller point production and slower energy drain percentage compared to both predecessor pet, However this is no longer true as of Sept. 4, 2015.


Extra points during Blast Speed and slows down Energy Drain.


The Green Apple Rabbit loves hopping around mainly without a care in the world. It's lovely apple aroma soothes everyone, and you'll never get tired of playing with him. He cringes at the sight of forks, so don't leave cutlery lying around.


Level Skill Effect Upgrade Cost
Speed Points Lv. 1, Energy drain reduced by ??% N/A
Speed Points Lv. 2, Energy drain reduced by ??% 29,000
Speed Points Lv. 3, Energy drain reduced by ??% 31,000
Speed Points Lv. 4, Energy drain reduced by ??% 34,000
Speed Points Lv. 5, Energy drain reduced by ??% 36,000
Speed Points Lv. 6, Energy drain reduced by ??% 38,000
Speed Points Lv. 7, Energy drain reduced by ??% 47,000
Speed Points Lv. 8, Energy drain reduced by 13% 56,000

 Possible Combination Bonus Edit

Cookie Combi Bonus
Apple Cookie
Apple Cookie (S) Extra points for all Jellies during Cookie Relay

Retired Edit

Pistachio Cookie
Pistachio Cookie (S) Extra points for all Jellies
Kiwi Biker Cookie
Kiwi Biker Cookie (S) Extra points for all Jellies


  • The pet is sometimes referred to as Apple Slice due to its shape looking like a sliced apple.
  • The skill information that states giving extra points during Blast Speed is incorrect. Instead, the pet gives extra points at all time, excluding Bonus Time.
  • The Green Apple Rabbit, along with Pink Candy and Fluffy Cheese Cat, are the only pets that does not have starry/sparkly eyes when going through Bonus Time. The Green Apple Rabbit has heart eyes instead, just like Pink Candy.
  • Players are able to see bonus time letters forming this pet on the final stage of Escape from the Oven.
  • In the September 4, 2015, update, the average number of points per second was increased from around 5,000 to 8,000, to 15,000 to 18,000 each second, and from 13-20% to 20-27% slower Energy drain.