Happy Rainbow Drop is an S-grade treasure can only be obtained from the limited time Collect Water Drop event, which is no longer available. In order to get this treasure, the player must collect 250 water drop jellies randomly appearing in the game play before the certain amount of time.

Before Season 4 of Cookie Run, this treasure was an A grade and only gave 8-10% XP Bonus. Sudden changes made the treasure's grade into S and boosted 11-14% XP Bonus.

During Season 4 of Cookie Run, this treasure has downgraded back to A grade with the same effect as the original S grade treasure. The image also has changed from a rainbow colored drop to a gingerbread man in a bag.

Equipped EffectEdit

11-14% XP Bonus


This special drop brings happiness and peace to all the cookies.


The Old statistic represents before Season 4 of Cookie Run, while the New statistic represents the current situation.

Level Skill Effect (Old) Skill Effect (New) Coin
Happy Rainbow Drop
8% XP Bonus 11% XP Bonus N/A N/A
Happy Rainbow Drop+1
8.2% XP Bonus 11.3% XP Bonus Coin 001 9,600 CookieRunCrystal 8
Happy Rainbow Drop+2
8.4% XP Bonus 11.6% XP Bonus Coin 001 12,300 CookieRunCrystal 11
Happy Rainbow Drop+3
8.6% XP Bonus 11.9% XP Bonus Coin 001 15,200 CookieRunCrystal 14
Happy Rainbow Drop+4
8.8% XP Bonus 12.2% XP Bonus Coin 001 17,000 CookieRunCrystal 17
Happy Rainbow Drop+5
9% XP Bonus 12.5% XP Bonus Coin 001 20,000 CookieRunCrystal 20
Happy Rainbow Drop+6
9.2% XP Bonus 12.8% XP Bonus Coin 001 23,000 CookieRunCrystal 23
Happy Rainbow Drop+7
9.4% XP Bonus 13.2% XP Bonus Coin 001 25,200 CookieRunCrystal 26
Happy Rainbow Drop+8
9.7% XP Bonus 13.6% XP Bonus Coin 001 26,000 CookieRunCrystal 29
Happy Rainbow Drop+9
10% XP Bonus 14% XP Bonus Coin 001 27,500 CookieRunCrystal 32