Quote1 Will it rain today? Quote2
―Herb Cookie

Herb Cookie is a cookie that was released at the end of February in Kakao Cookie Run and at the end of April for LINE Cookie Run. Herb Cookie was teased in the Cookie Run Facebook Page very early on as part of St. Patrick's Day, where all green-colored cookies are featured.


Rain Jelly and Sun Jelly will appear at a given interval. Collect Rain Jelly to fill the Raindrop Gauge. When Raindrop Gauge is full, no more raindrops can be saved. Collect Sun Jelly to bring out the Sun. The Sun uses the collected raindrops to turn regular Jelly into Sprout Jelly. (More frequent Rain Jelly and Sun Jelly with upgrades.)


Warm like the sunshine and fresh like the scent of rain, Herb Cookie will ease your mind when you're feeling down. Herb Cookie was made of fresh, nutritious organic ingredients, which may not be to everyone's taste. On rainy days, Herb Cookie keeps himself dry with a leaf umbrella while listening to the sound of falling raindrops. On warm days, Herb Cookie enjoys the sunshine while carrying around his favourite potted plant. This Cookie treats all living things and each and every moment as precious. He believes the little things in life that make you laugh or cry are to be cherished, just like a ray of sunshine after the rain.


The strategy is very simple - he is obviously going to need some Magnetic Aura to work effectively so he can collect the Sprout Jellies. A popular and trustworthy choice is the Magnetic Energy Recovery Drink - you'll want two of them. The last slot can be used for a Supremely Yummy Monster Muffin to ensure him runs longer, or if you want more jellies to be converted to Sprout Jellies, using Burning Heat Infused Jellyco will help.

The Herb Teapot is an excellent pet for him as he generates jellies for Herb Cookie to collect and it will also be converted into Herb Jellies during sunlight on top of giving more points for Herb Jellies. It does, however, have another combi with the Pistachio Firefly that increases points from Sprout Jellies as well - in that case, Rich Black Coffee and Coma Inducing Choco Croissant will be perfect. It depends on your gameplay style!

Be sure to collect the Raindrop and Sunlight Jellies you find on your way even if the raindrop meter is only halfway full - you need to keep the meter moving. If the meter is full or empty, he will not generate points for you as he is just sitting there uselessly.


Level Energy Skill Upgrade Cost
140 Cultivation Lv.1 N/A
144 Cultivation Lv.2 Coin 001 32,000
148 Cultivation Lv.3 Coin 001 35,000
152 Cultivation Lv.4 Coin 001 38,000
156 Cultivation Lv.5 Coin 001 40,000
160 Cultivation Lv.6 Coin 001 43,000
160 Cultivation Lv.7 Coin 001 51,000
160 Cultivation Lv.8 Coin 001 59,000

Possible Combination Bonus

Pet Combi Bonus
Herb Teapot
Herb Teapot (S) Extra points for Sprout Jelly [1]


Pet Combi Bonus
Pistachio Firefly
Pistachio Firefly (S) Extra points for Sprout Jelly [2]

Loading Messages

  • Want to photosynthesis?
  • Dazzling.
  • How's the weather today?
  • Make the world green!
  • I see a sprout!
  • Hello, little sprouts.
  • Let's plant a tree together!
  • Hello, Mr. Sunshine.
  • What a beautiful day.


  • 28 July 2016
    • Best Combi with Pistachio Firefly has been removed.


  • Herb Cookie was released in Kakao on a day that only happens every 4 years - February 29th. The next leap year will be in 2020. In LINE, he was released on a Thursday which is unusual because new Cookies are usually released on Fridays or Mondays.
  • Herb Cookie was released before White Choco Cookie in the LINE version. In Kakao, Herb Cookie was released after White Choco Cookie. There has been speculation that Herb Cookie was released as a teaser for Earth Day, which falls on 22nd April every year and that is likely why Herb Cookie was released first.
  • His treasure is placed after White Choco Cookies's treasure in the treasure book, suggesting that he was originally intended to be released before her. The same thing happened with Herb Teapot and Pocket Watch Referee's treasures.
  • In Kakao, the unlock requirement for Herb Cookie was 56 cookies. However, in LINE, it has been reduced to 55 cookies. Reasons for this is unknown. It has been speculated that since White Choco Cookie comes before Herb Cookie in Kakao, players are likely to have one more cookie than in LINE, where White Choco Cookie had not been released yet.
  • On 22nd April 2016, Herb Cookie was mistakenly released along with Herb Teapot with a bug, hence enabling the players to see the description of the Cookie, but players were unable to purchase the Cookie.
    • Also, due to the bug, players were able to see the ability of Herb Cookie beforehand.
    • Herb Cookie along with Herb Teapot made almost constant appearances and disappearances in LINE Cookie Run since then, but players still couldn't purchase the Cookie as he would disconnect you from the game if you tried to purchase him.
    • As of April 25, 2016, Devsisters released a notice and stated that they were aware of the bug and that they were working on it.
    • The bug was finally fixed on April 28, 2016 and Herb Cookie can now at any time be purchased with coins as long as players have 55 Cookies or spend 119 CookieRunCrystal.
    • During the duration of the bug, Herb Cookie's treasure was not listed in the Treasure Book but his pet, Herb Teapot, had its treasure listed.
  • When Herb Cookie was originally released, his combi with Herb Teapot was "Extra points for all Jellies during Blast" which is incorrect - it is actually "Extra points for Sprout Jelly". It is speculated the erroneous combi was for White Choco Cookie and Pocket Watch Referee as it is their native combi and they were released in Kakao before Herb Cookie.
  • Both pets (Herb Teapot & Pistachio Firefly) have the same combi bonus (Extra Points for Sprout Jellies) with Herb Cookie. This is the first time for a cookie, as all other cookies have different combi bonuses with different pets.
  • He is the only Cookie thus far in the game that does not actually blink in the Cookie Shop. He closes his eyes for a few moments as the breeze rolls by, but it is not considered blinking.
  • When he jumps, he makes an 'uh-huh' sound. When he slides, he makes a cuckoo sound.
    • He makes 3 different cuckoo sounds.
  • He is the first Cookie to have a unique skill bar; he has a water drop and down-arrow shaped skill bar rather than the usual green (and blue in some Cookies) bar.
  • During the Halloween Party 2016, Herb Cookie dressed up as Dionysus, the Greek God of Wind and Grapes.
    • He and Lemon Cookie are the only Cookies dressed as a Greek God, with Lemon Cookie as Zeus.
  • During the Collect Ingredients to bake Herb Cookie!, players could obtain him as a reward after completing the event.


Audio Gallery


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Ch63jump 2
Ch63jump 3


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  1. Was mistakenly identified as "Extra points for Jellies during blast". Meanwhile, 27,000 extra points for Sprout Jelly.
  2. 13,000 extra points for Sprout Jelly

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