Quote1 Teapot and watering can at the same time! Quote2
―Newsletter on Herb Teapot

Herb Teapot is an S-grade Pet in LINE and an Epic pet in OvenBreak that accompanies Herb Cookie. It creates Jelly Flowers for extra points and obstacle destruction.

Skill Edit

(LINE) Sprinkles water and grows Jelly Flower, destroying obstacles.

(OvenBreak) Creates Jelly Flowers by watering the ground at given intervals. Obstacles standing in the way of blooming Flower Jellies are destroyed. Level Up for more frequent Skill activation.

Description Edit

Originally, a teapot for herbal tea. But ever since its friendship with Herb Cookie sprouted, it spends most of its days as a watering tin. When Cookies are tired, it gives them a nice cup of warm, fluorescent herbal tea. And when the sprouts seem thirsty, it energizes them with fresh water. But strange thing, it flinches at the sight of bugs... Perhaps it's hiding a past we do not know of.


Level Skill Effect Upgrade Cost
Every 22 seconds N/A
Every 21 seconds Coin 001 29,000
Every 20 seconds Coin 001 31,000
Every 19 seconds Coin 001 34,000
Every 18 seconds Coin 001 36,000
Every 17 seconds Coin 001 38,000
Every 16 seconds Coin 001 47,000
Every 15 seconds Coin 001 56,000

Possible Combination Bonus Edit

Cookie Combi Bonus
Herb Cookie
Herb Cookie LINE: Extra points for Sprout Jelly / OvenBreak: +150 points for Sprout Jellies


The following all applies to LINE version.

  • On 22nd April 2016, Herb Teapot was mistakenly released along with Herb Cookie in a bug, hence enabling the players to see the description of the pet.
    • Also, due to the bug, one could purchase an Extra Rare Egg to obtain the pet, but it will disconnect you if you do so (it will not use up your Crystals).
    • The error has happened nearly constantly again and again, but players still can't buy the Pet through Extra Rare Egg and would be disconnected if done so.
    • During the duration of the bug, strangely enough, even though Herb Teapot's treasure is listed in the Treasure Book, Herb Cookie's treasure is not.
    • The bug has finally been fixed on April 28, 2016, and can now be purchased through Extra Rare Egg.
    • Interestingly, this pet has been released on a Thursday instead of a Friday or Monday.
  • This pet was released before White Choco Cookie's pet Pocket Watch Referee, but in Kakao, Pocket Watch Referee was released before Herb Teapot. There had been speculation that Herb Teapot was released as a teaser for Earth Day, which falls on 22nd April every year.
  • When Herb Teapot was originally released, its combi with Herb Cookie was "Extra points for all Jellies during Blast" which is incorrect - it is actually "Extra points for Sprout Jelly". It is speculated the erroneous combi was for White Choco Cookie and Pocket Watch Referee as it it is their native combi and they were released in Kakao before Herb Cookie.
  • The jellies on Herb Teapot's Jelly Flowers can be turned into Yellow Bear Jellies by collecting an All-Bear Jelly Party or Frozen Bear Jellies by collecting a Frozen Bear Jelly Party.
  • Maxing out the pet will give you Herb Teapot's Shower Head as a reward.

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