Hidden Hermit is a non-playable Cookie in Cookie Run. Although it never appears in any of the gameplay, it always comes around whenever players needs some tip in the Cookie Run Newsletter. It will appear most of the time when a new content has arrived to promote the respective content to the players.

It was first introduced on October 20, 2014, where Edge of the World (Cookie Run's 3rd season) was launched. Knowing that some players have trouble in collecting coins, the Hidden Hermit springs out of hiding to give players official tips to collect coins in Cookie Run Newsletter, known previously on unofficial sites.

On November 28, a section of the game notice added some times featuring the Hidden Hermit giving players tips on how to maximize the game.

Although its tips are extremely useful for some, it may become irrelevant as time goes by.

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Trivia Edit

  • Being part of the Cookie Run canon, it never have a sprite of its own. Even Devsisters only have 1 image of the Hidden Hermit.
  • Its first newsletter features a background that resembles the lobby background of Primeval Jungle, which hasn't been released yet in Season 3.
  • Its third newsletter features a screenshot with a Level 60 Energy. At the point the newsletter was released, the maximum amount of energy upgrade is level 40. The level 60 energy upgrade was released 5 months after the newsletter came.
  • Hermit by definition means a person who lives in seclusion from society. As a person who hides himself, the Hidden Hermit only came out of its hiding to give useful tips to players. Recently, however, some of the tips which is not related to specific cookies/pets/items (except four elements item) can be permanently accessed from inbox (this includes Game Crashes fix, Special Bonus Time, Treasure Draw Season and Save Cookies with Crystal, as of January 2016)
  • The Hidden Hermit is the first cookie to not have "Cookie" in its name, the second being Ginger Claus.