Jellyco Cube is an S-grade pet in LINE and an Epic Pet in OvenBreak.


(LINE) Releases Jellyco missiles.

(OvenBreak) Launches Jellyco Missiles at given intervals, destroying obstacles and creating Jellies. Level Up for more frequent launches.


(LINE) A masterpiece of cutting edge escape technology, it releases powerful missiles filled with Jellies. Hurry, get a glance of the sophisticated Jellyco missile system. You've never seen anything like it.

(OvenBreak) The latest innovation in escaping technology, the Jellyco Cube releases powerful Jellyco Missiles made from collected Jellies. Hurry and witness the sophisticated Jellyco missile system. You've never seen anything like it


Level Skill Effect Upgrade Cost
Jellyco Missiles Lv.1 N/A
Jellyco Missiles Lv.2 27,000
Jellyco Missiles Lv.3 29,000
Jellyco Missiles Lv.4 32,000
Jellyco Missiles Lv.5 34,000
Jellyco Missiles Lv.6 36,000
Jellyco Missiles Lv.7 45,000
Jellyco Missiles Lv.8 54,000

Possible Combination Bonus Edit

Cookie Combi Bonus
Hero Cookie 2
Hero Cookie (S) LINE:20% less Energy Drain when colliding with obstacles/ OB:Hero Mode 0.5 seconds longer

Updates Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In LINE, maxing out the pet will give you Jellyco Cube's Lost Jellyco as a reward.
  • Before the New World update, Jellyco Cube's ability destroys obstacles and turned them into a Lv1 jelly. Many people believed that this is just a cosmetic thing, and the value of the jelly remains the same.
    • With the introduction of Cookie Run: New World, the jelly spawned will be the same as the current jelly selected by players, as well as Jellyco Cube's treasure, Jellyco Cube's Lost Jellyco.
  • This pet's effect will not work on Floor 50 and up on Tower of Frozen Waves.



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