King Choco Drop is an L-grade pet that can be earned as one of the rewards one can get by collecting all of the Jewels in Escape from the Oven. Along with being the first Power+ pet, it is the first and currently only L-grade pet.

Skill Edit

For a set period of time, it destroys obstacles and it spreads Jellies and items. It also spreads a red carpet over holes so that the Cookie can pass them safely.

Power+: Mystery boxes will appear a certain percentage of time determined during Episode 1 "Escape from the Oven" (It creates them more often after upgrading.)

Description Edit

It's a pet that has been locked away for years in a long forgotten castle of a kingdom in ruins. It's appearance now does not do justice to his former glory, but he still exudes an air of regal dignity.

Statistics Edit

Level Skill Effect Upgrade Cost
Escort Lv.1 N/A
Escort Lv.2 37,700
Escort Lv.3 43,400
Escort Lv.4 51,000
Escort Lv.5 61,200
Escort Lv.6 64,600
Escort Lv.7 75,200
Escort Lv.8 84,000


  • Despite having a royal crown, King Choco Drop's name in Japanese replaces the word "King" for "huge", "enormous" (巨大チョコドロップ).
  • He is the first pet to have a Power+ as he was introduced before the other two pets with Power+, Ms. Do-Re-Mi and Mr. Fa-Sol-La-Si.
  • He is the only Power+ pet that is not S-grade. There are only three pets with Power+ so far (King Choco Drop, Ms. Do-Re-Mi and Mr. Fa-Sol-La-Si)


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King Choco Drop abilityEdit

ChocoKing RedCarpet