Quote1 Do not fear the Witch. I can deal with her. Quote2
―Knight Cookie

Skill Edit

Runs faster and longer after collecting Blast Jelly.

Description Edit

Armed with white chocolate reinforced by milk bubbles, Knight Cookie is a living legend. It is said that he fights dragons for exercise, conjures a horse from thin air and can ride faster and longer than any knight in the history of Cookies.


Level Energy Skill Upgrade Cost
130 Special Blast Lv. 1 N/A
134 Special Blast Lv. 2 17,000
138 Special Blast Lv. 3 19,000
142 Special Blast Lv. 4 21,000
146 Special Blast Lv. 5 23,000
150 Special Blast Lv. 6 25,000
150 Special Blast Lv. 7 30,000
150 Special Blast Lv. 8 35,000

Possible Combination Bonus Edit

Pet Combi Bonus
Dragon's Tail
Dragon's Tail (A) 20% higher Blast Speed
Lucky Dice
Lucky Dice (A) 20% higher Blast Speed
Pistachio Firefly
Pistachio Firefly (S) 20% higher Blast Speed
Rare Garlic
Rare Garlic (B) Extra 4,000 points for all Jellies when riding

Loading Messages Edit

  • Do not fear the Witch. I can deal with her.
  • Dragons? I thought I killed all of them!
  • Up for an adventure?
  • Where is the princess I need to rescue?
  • Let me get my horse!

Updates Edit

Trivia Edit

  • It is very rare for an A rank Cookie to be able to still keep up with the S rank Cookies in terms of Points, but the Knight Cookie can certainly stay competitive with the other S rank Cookies if you set him up properly.
  • One of his loading messages, "Dragons? I thought I killed all of them!" has been around from the first season. With the New World update, it become more relevant with the introduction of Dragon's Valley.
  • During the Halloween Party 2014 and 2015, Knight Cookie dressed up as one of the guards of the Queen of Hearts.
  • Knight Cookie is the only that when he nabs a Blast Jelly the blast trail is blue, although other cookies that can do it are only snow and water related, such as Skating Queen CookieSnow Sugar Cookie and Soda Cookie.
  • It's the first Cookie overall to possess a Ride.
  • Knight Cookie is also visible in Escape from the Oven Artifact and Cookie Kingdom Ruins background.
    • This probably may imply that once in the Cookie Kingdom existed more than one Knight Cookie.
  • In the Kakao version of the game, as seen from this loading message (ko: 말이 아니라 말 인형 아니냐고? 누..누가 그런 소리를 해?), Knight Cookie's Ride is a horse doll.


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