LINE Game 3 Year Anniversary is a limited-time event celebrating the third anniversary of LINE Game. Players are not required to do anything—they can just log in and obtain the three rewards. Players can receive these rewards until 11:59 p.m. 15 December 2015 (GMT+9).

The event also came with a secret mission event that requires players to complete certain missions using hints from rewards given for seven days.

  • For the first day, players are required to use up 3 lives that they are given.
  • For the second day, players are given 3 Double XPs and are required to complete a run that gives 3,333 XP or more. This means running for 3,333 seconds or 167 seconds with a Double XP boost active.
  • For the third day, players are given 3 Energy Boosts and are required to run in Dragon's Valley with an Energy Boost active.
  • For the fourth day, players are given a Fast Start and are required to score 3.33M points. This means having 3,333,333 points.
  • For the fifth day, players are given 1,111 Coins, and are required to earn tripe the amount of Coins rewarded. This means earning 3,333 Coins in one run.
  • For the sixth day, players are given a key, and are required to run in Ghost Pirate's Island of Coins three times.
  • For the seventh day, players are given a Cookie Relay, and are required to run for 3 minutes with a Cookie Relay active. This means running for 180 seconds, which is equivalent to having 1,800 XP without any XP bonus.

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