League System is a system similar to the Medal System which rewards players with medals that can be exchanged for various items at the Medal Exchange Center. The system has started since 28 June, 2016 along with the Wrath of the Dragon update.


For the first time a player plays, they will be given a rank most likely according to their previous scores in Season 6. They will then be distributed to a league according to the rank. In the league, the player must compete with 14 other people.

If the player is at the lowest place or places at the end of the league, they will go down one rank in the next league. If the player is at the top few places, they may go up one rank (or two ranks if having ranked up two times prior to the third advance in the ranks below King) in the next league. The places that let players rank up decreases upon every league, with the lowest places being three by the time you reach Legend V. The only exception is God rank, in which only the first four places stay in that rank, while the rest rank down.

At the end of the league, the number of medals rewarded will be the sum of your league rank and rank in your league.

Cycle Edit

League starts on Thursdays and Sundays at 9 p.m. (GMT+9) and ends on Sundays and Wednesdays at 9 p.m. (GMT+9). Any score achieved during Wednesday 9 p.m. and Thursday 9 p.m. will not account toward the next league. If it is a new high score, it'll still be counted as a personal high score. Once player plays a game after league starts, they will automatically be distributed into a league that was predicted at the end of the last league.

Medals Edit

Note: Only Episode 1 has Rookie and Newbie Leagues. All other episodes start from Master Leagues.

Icon League Rank Rank Class Reward League Rank Reward
God Medal 215 Medal 0-2
Legend V
Legend 5 Medal 209 Medal 0-5
Legend IV
Legend 4 Medal 203 Medal 0-5
Legend III
Legend 3 Medal 197 Medal 0-5
Legend II
Legend 2 Medal 191 Medal 0-5
Legend I
Legend 1 Medal 185 Medal 0-5
King V
King 5 Medal 178 Medal 0-6
King IV
King 4 Medal 171 Medal 0-6
King III
King 3 Medal 164 Medal 0-6
King II
King 2 Medal 157 Medal 0-6
King I
King 1 Medal 150 Medal 0-6
Lord V
Lord 5 Medal 142 Medal 0-7
Lord IV
Lord 4 Medal 134 Medal 0-7
Lord III
Lord 3 Medal 126 Medal 0-7
Lord II
Lord 2 Medal 118 Medal 0-7
Lord I
Lord 1 Medal 110 Medal 0-7
Hero V
Hero 5 Medal 102 Medal 0-7
Hero IV
Hero 4 Medal 94 Medal 0-7
Hero III
Hero 3 Medal 86 Medal 0-7
Hero II
Hero 2 Medal 78 Medal 0-7
Hero I
Hero 1 Medal 70 Medal 0-7
Master V
Master 5 Medal 62 Medal 0-7
Master IV
Master 4 Medal 54 Medal 0-7
Master III
Master 3 Medal 46 Medal 0-7
Master II
Master 2 Medal 38 Medal 0-7
Master I
Master 1 Medal 30 Medal 0-7
Rookie V
Rookie 5 Medal 29 N/A
Rookie IV
Rookie 4 Medal 28 N/A
Rookie III
Rookie 3 Medal 27 N/A
Rookie II
Rookie 2 Medal 26 N/A
Rookie I
Rookie 1 Medal 25 N/A
Newbie V
Newbie 5 Medal 24 N/A
Newbie IV
Newbie 4 Medal 23 N/A
Newbie III
Newbie 3 Medal 22 N/A
Newbie II
Newbie 2 Medal 21 N/A
Newbie I
Newbie 1 Medal 20 N/A
No medal
Did not play Medal 0 N/A

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