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Here is the list of Cookies available in the Cookie Run universe. Note that most of the S-grade Cookies and the Rare/Epic Cookies have distinct abilities. To view what their ability does, you may check their individual page.


All unlock requirements pertain to LINE Cookie Run.

Cookies Grade Special Power Unlock Requirement
Brave Cookie Brave Cookie C Grade Bravest of all (nothing) Unlocked at start
Bright Cookie Bright Cookie C Grade 5~12% extra XP Score 30,000 points
Strawberry Cookie Strawberry Cookie B Grade +1~5 seconds Bonus Time Have 3 friends
Cream Cookie Cream Cookie B Grade Energy Drain 10~17% slower Reach Level 8
Cloud Cookie Cloud Cookie B Grade Power Jellies last +15~35% longer Own 5 Pets
Buttercream Choco Cookie Buttercream Choco Cookie B Grade 5~25% extra Coins Score 180,000 points
Ginger Claus Ginger Claus A Grade 13~20% Coin Bonus, 3~10% XP Bonus Collect 400 Bells during the Christmas 2014 Event. Event Expired.
Coffee Cookie Coffee Cookie A Grade 20~29 % extra Energy from Potions Reach Level 15
Boarder Cookie Boarder Cookie A Grade Moves 15~35% faster Score 300,000 points
Princess Cookie Princess Cookie A Grade 30~50% less Energy loss Get Level 15 Jelly
Knight Cookie Knight Cookie A Grade Special Blast Get Level 15 Energy[1]
Muscle Cookie Muscle Cookie A Grade Invincibility: 50~75% Score 450,000 points
Zombie Cookie Zombie Cookie A Grade Revives you 1~8 times Have 50 friends[2]
Angel Cookie Angel Cookie S Grade Magnetic Aura Reach Level 30[3]
Ninja Cookie Ninja Cookie S Grade 3~10-step jump Score 600,000 points
Pirate Cookie Pirate Cookie S Grade Ghost with 90~160 Energy Have 100 friends
Skating Queen Cookie Skating Queen Cookie S Grade Figure Skating
  • Formerly Extra Points
Reach Level 35
Hero Cookie Hero Cookie2 S Grade Hero Mode
  • Formerly Hero Moments
Have 120 friends[4]
Special Force Cookie Special Force Cookie S Grade Candy Defense Own 10 Cookies
Cheerleader Cookie Cheerleader Cookie S Grade Cheer Squad
  • Formerly Squad Support
Own 12 Pets
Ninetales Cookie Ninetales Cookie S Grade Jelly Seduction
  • Formerly Ninetales Bear Jellies
Reach Level 45
Devil Cookie Devil Cookie S Grade Super Devil Rush Reach Level 50
Fairy Cookie Fairy Cookie S Grade Magnetic Shield Own 5 fully upgraded Treasures
Wizard Cookie Wizard Cookie S Grade Magic Spells Own 16 fully upgraded Pets
Rockstar Cookie Rockstar Cookie S Grade Slide Blast Own 20 Treasures
Soda Cookie Soda Cookie S Grade Soda Surfing Own 21 fully upgraded Cookies[5]
Cherry Cookie Cherry Cookie S Grade Cherry Bomb Own 8 fully upgraded Treasures
Cheesecake Cookie Cheesecake Cookie S Grade Coin Firework Party Own 24 Pets
Prophet Cookie Prophet Cookie S Grade Divination
  • Formerly Second Sight
Own 20 fully upgraded Cookies
Pistachio Cookie Pistachio Cookie S Grade Guardian Hero Reach Level 60
Alchemist Cookie Alchemist Cookie S Grade Alchemy Own 11 fully upgraded Treasures
Vampire Cookie Vampire Cookie S Grade Juice Bat Own 17 S-grade Treasures
Adventurer Cookie Adventurer Cookie S Grade Hidden Ruins Exploration Score 2,000,000 points
  • Formerly have 200 friends
Muay Thai Cookie Muay Thai Cookie S Grade Muay Thai Have 150 friends[6]
Snow Sugar Cookie Snow Sugar Cookie S Grade Snow Friends Own 12 S-grade Treasures
Carol Cookie Carol Cookie S Grade Magic Songs Reach Level 57
Blackberry Cookie Blackberry Cookie S Grade Paranormal Activity Own 16 fully upgraded Treasures
Pink Choco Cookie Pink Choco Cookie S Grade Heart Beam
  • Formerly Pink Beam
Have 160 friends
Kiwi Biker Cookie Kiwi Biker Cookie S Grade Biker Own 25 S-grade treasures
Apple Cookie Apple Cookie S Grade Alphabet Jelly Bubbles Get Level 50 Energy
Werewolf Cookie Werewolf Cookie S Grade Wolf Transformation Get 25 Top Level Pets
Mint Choco Cookie Mint Choco Cookie S Grade Violin Performance Get 40 Cookies
Cocoa Cookie Cocoa Cookie S Grade Cocoa Cup Own 5 Evolved Treasures
Cream Puff Cookie Cream Puff Cookie S Grade Magic Apprentice Own 10 S-Grade Evolved Treasures[7]
Cherry Blossom Cookie Cherry Blossom Cookie S Grade Blossom Power Own 20 S-Grade Evolved Treasures
Gumball Cookie Gumball cookie S Grade Gumball Cannon Reach Level 70
Lemon Cookie Lemon Cookie S Grade Electro Shield Own 50 Pets
Orange Cookie Orange Cookie HD S Grade Power Tennis Own 42 Max Level Cookies
Lime Cookie Lime Cookie S Grade Super Beach Ball Get 60 S-rank Treasures
Peppermint Cookie Peppermint Candy Cookie S Grade Whale Surfing Reach Level 74
General Jujube Cookie Date Cookie S Grade Horseback Charge Fully Upgrade 30 Treasures
Peach Cookie Peach Cookie S Grade Peachy Bo-Staff Have 52 Cookies
Onion Cookie Onion Cookie S Grade Haunted House Own 25 S-Grade Evolved Treasures
Cinnamon Cookie Cinnamon Cookie S Grade Card Trick Get 70 S-Grade Treasures
Macaron Cookie Macaron Cookie S Grade Parade Own Castanets Pet
Red Bean Cookie Red Bean Cookie S Grade Penguin Sled Own Sweet Rice Seal Pet
Herb Cookie Herb Cookie S Grade Cultivation Own 55 Cookies
White Choco Cookie White Choco Cookie S Grade Fencing Reach Level 76
Dino-Sour Cookie Dino-Sour Cookie S Grade Jelly Dinosaur Ride Have 333 friends
Cotton Candy Cookie Cotton Candy Cookie S Grade Cotton Candy Letter Own Cotton Candy Birdie Pet
Roll Cake Cookie Roll Cake Cookie S Grade Road Roller Own Light Bros Pet
Banana Cookie Banana Cookie S Grade Circus Own Savannahna Lion Pet
Pancake Cookie Pancake Cookie S Grade Flying Squirrel Own Roll Cake Cookie
Rebel Cookie Rebel Cookie S Grade 3~10 Step Jump, Cloud Alter Ego Own Windy Pet
Moon Rabbit Cookie Moon Rabbit Cookie S Grade Rice Cake Bunny Own 58 Cookies
Tiger Lily Cookie Tiger Lily Cookie L-grade Spear Thrower Special Reward from Primeval Jungle
Fire Spirit Cookie Fire Spirit Cookie L-grade Fiery Spark Special Reward from Dragon's Valley
Moonlight Cookie Moonlight Cookie L-grade Moonlight Magic Special Reward from The City of Wizards
Sea Fairy Cookie Sea Fairy Cookie L-grade Wave Blast Collect 100 Warm Hearts
Wind Archer Cookie Wind Archer Cookie L-grade Wind Dash Special Reward from Dessert Paradise

OvenBreak Edit

All unlock requirements pertain to Cookie Run: OvenBreak, and are assumed that the Cookie will be retrieved from chests later on.

Cookies Class Special Power Unlock Requirement
Space Doughnut Space Doughnut Epic Doughnut Beam 5 Nearby Friends/Invite Event
Yoga Cookie Yoga Cookie Epic Meditation Reach Level 10

Unlocks at start

Pilot Cookie Pilot Cookie Rare Flight Reach Level 12
Popcorn Cookie Popcorn Cookie Epic Popcorn Party Reach Level 18
Dark Choco Cookie Dark Choco Cookie Epic Dark Swordsmanship Reach Level 29
Dr. Wasabi Cookie Dr. Wasabi Cookie Epic Wasabi Syrup Reach Land 3

Unlocks at start

Mustard Cookie Mustard Cookie Epic Graffiti Reach Land 4-1

Unlocks at start

Dark Enchantress Cookie Dark Enchantress Cookie Legendary Dark Spells Mystic Jewel Reward for Chapter 4 in Breakout Mode
Matcha Cookie Matcha Cookie Epic Seed Spheres Unlocks at start
Sparkling Cookie Sparkling Cookie Epic Sparkling Party Unlocks at start
Ice Candy Cookie Ice Candy Cookie Epic Ice Hockey Unlocks at start
Avocado Cookie Avocado Cookie Epic Avocado Smithing Unlocks at start
Whipped Cream Cookie Whipped Cream Cookie Epic Ballet Performance Unlocks at start

Upcoming Cookies Edit

Note that this applies to only brand-new Cookies from OvenBreak, as some upcoming Cookies are just Cookies transferred from the LINE version to OvenBreak.

There are no upcoming Cookies at the moment.


  1. Knight Cookie could alternatively be obtained by reaching Level 7. (2015)
    Knight Cookie can alternatively be obtained by reaching Level 5. (2016)
  2. Zombie Cookie could alternatively be obtained by completing the Invite Event.
  3. Angel Cookie can alternatively be obtained by purchasing an Intermediate Package through Package Deals.
  4. Hero Cookie could alternatively be obtained by completing Achieve Missions for Hero Cookie.
  5. Soda Cookie could alternatively be obtained by logging in to Cookie Run during the time period from 23 October to 6 November 2015 for returning players who have not started playing after 2 October 2015.
  6. Muay Thai Cookie could alternatively be obtained by completing the Invite Event or by pre-registering or completing all the missions in Achieve Missions for Muay Thai Cookie.
  7. Cream Puff Cookie could alternatively be obtained by pre-registering.