Quote1 Welcome to fairy land! Quote2
―Magic Pod

Magic Pod is an S-grade Pet that generates both Blast and Bonus Time jelly. It is considered a better version of Cozy Yarn because, apart from also generating Bonus Time Jellies, it generates a Blast version of the Bonus Time Jelly which offers a fast start in Bonus Time.


Generates Blast Bonus Time Jellies every 84-70 seconds


Shy and delicate, it withers from any touch and tears up in empathy from news of strong winds in a far away land. It fully blossoms only in the clean air of Bonus Time.


Level Skill Effect Upgrade Cost
1 Every 84 sec N/A
2 Every 82 sec 29,000
3 Every 80 sec 31,000
4 Every 78 sec 34,000
5 Every 76 sec 36,000
6 Every 74 sec 38,000
7 Every 72 sec 47,000
8 Every 70 sec 56,000

Possible Combination Bonus Edit

Cookie Combi Bonus
Fairy Cookie
Fairy Cookie (S) 15% more XP


  • 28 June, 2016


  • Its Japanese name is つぼみ (tsubomi), which means "flower bud".


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