Make your own Bingsoo! is an event in which players have to collect specific ingredients to make their own Summer 2015 Crystal Bingsoo. Ingredients float in non-magnetic bubbles throughout stages and are numbered. Players will need to obtain all ingredients with the specific numbers in order to make the treasure. Ingredients spawn at a much higher rate compared to other events, such that players are even able to collect all required ingredients in just a few runs. However, some bubbles may not contain ingredients. Finishing the mission will reward the players with Summer 2015 Crystal Bingsoo and CookieRunCrystal 25.

Ingredients neededEdit


Players are required to collect all the numbered ingredients. The numbers will not represent the amount of ingredients collected but rather as a different ingredient collected separately. For example, collecting Syrup #2 twice will not validate the collection of Syrup #1 or other numbers.

Some bubbles are also contain unrelated ingredients such as carrots. Collecting them will not progress through the mission nor giving any advantage to players.

Ingredient Quantity
Rice Cake 3
Funfetti 4
Syrup 4
Cream 5
Red Bean 5
Ice 5

Tips Edit

  • There's no need to take a numberless ingredients. They are not useful to any of the ingredients mentioned above, such as tacks and carrots.

Trivia Edit

  • Cheeseberry and Blackberry Cookie's Paranormal Activity power can help pick up the bubbles for you, making it easier for you to gather the ingredients.
  • This is the first event where players are asked to gather items not in the form of letters for a special reward.
  • This is one of those events when flying jellies are not obtainable with Magnetic Aura.

Similar Events Edit

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