Quote1 Jelly! So yummy! Quote2
―Marshmallow Hamster in Infinity Jelly Challenge newsletter
Quote1 Uh-oh.. Hammy's on a roll... Quote2
Cocoa Cookie on Marshmallow Hamster

Marshmallow Hamster is an S-grade Pet in LINE and an Epic Pet in OvenBreak. When its ability activates, it will act like a Magnet Jelly absorbing all jellies ahead of it, except for Dark Moon Jellies in the City of Wizards in LINE. Its cheeks eventually grow larger until, when it's nice and full, it will burp out an Energy potion (along with a bunch of Cocoa Marshmallow Jellies) that you can collect for extra Energy and points.


(LINE) It moves forward for a set period of time and eats Jellies and creates Cocoa Marshmallow Jellies.

(OvenBreak) Collects Jellies at Given intervals. Also creates Potions and Marshmallow Jellies. Level up for more frequent Skill activation.


(LINE) Its eyes are painted with super concentrated drops of cocoa and its bright red nose with a dash of cherry syrup. He looked to be thin and looked like deflated marshmallow when he was bullied by his friends, but ever since he met the Cocoa Cookie, he's been happier than ever and now he can melt anyone's heart when he smiles with his plum cheeks stuffed with sunflower seeds.

(OvenBreak) While painting the face with chocolate on a roasted marshmallow, a drop of cherry syrup fell down and became its nose. And if you ever saw it you would even say it glows. All of the other marshmallows, used to laugh and call it names. But ever since it met Cocoa Cookie, it's been happier than ever, filling its plum cheeks with delicious Jellies.


Level Skill Skill Effect Upgrade Cost
Stuffed Cheeks Lv. 1 Every 33 sec N/A
Stuffed Cheeks Lv. 2 Every 31 sec 29,000
Stuffed Cheeks Lv. 3 Every 29 sec 31,000
Stuffed Cheeks Lv. 4 Every 27 sec 34,000
Stuffed Cheeks Lv. 5 Every 25 sec 36,000
Stuffed Cheeks Lv. 6 Every 23 sec 38,000
Stuffed Cheeks Lv. 7 Every 21 sec 47,000
Stuffed Cheeks Lv. 8 Every 19 sec 56,000

Possible Combination Bonus Edit

Cookie Combi Bonus
Cocoa Cookie
Cocoa Cookie (S) LINE:10% slower Energy drain/ OB: +200 points for Mashmallow Jellies 

Trivia Edit

  • In LINE, maxing out the pet will give you Marshmallow Hamster's Chocolate Sunflower Seed as a reward.
  • This pet is the first and only pet to have its ability to be listed by its name "Stuffed Cheeks" instead what it does, as other pets do in the Pet selection screen in the game.
  • Although LINE's in-game description uses "he" , the newsletter uses "she" to refer to Marshmallow Hamster. In Ovenbreak Marshmallow Hamster is referred to as "it".
  • Cocoa Cookie calls Marshmallow Hamster "Hammy".
  • Marshmallow Hamster creates the same jellies, Cocoa Marshmallow Jellies, as it's main combi bonus, Cocoa Cookie.

Gallery Edit

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