Medal Exchange Center is the marketplace in Cookie Run, where players can redeem medals they gained for rewards such as Ingredients, Mystery Jewels, Keys, and many more. This feature is being introduced to Cookie Run since 23 October 2015. To access the Medal Exchange Center, players can tap the "Medal Exchange Center" button at the League Leaderboard.

Players can only see six items in the exchange center, and the list will be randomized every noon (12pm, GMT+9). Should a player wanted to refresh the list without waiting, said player can spend CookieRunCrystal 30 to refresh instantly.

This also brought the debut of "Expand Treasure Cabinet" Ticket, which allows players to add spaces to his or her Treasure Cabinet without the use of Crystals.

Changes in Wrath of The DragonEdit

Starting 28 June 2016, Medal System has been changed to League System. This drastic shift causes a lot of changes in the Medal Exchange Center. Most notable, cost of Medals needed to redeem rewards has been inflated by around 100% (or adjusted) using the new currency named "League Medal". Other changes notable in the new system are:

  1. Location of Medal Exchange Center has been changed from inside "Weekly Rankings" to inside the League Leaderboard.
  2. Mystery Jewels and S-SS grade Ingredients from Special Episode 2 is now available in the center.
  3. Elixir of Experience XL and XXL is now available in the center.
  4. Keys now appears more often.
  5. Treasure Cabinet's Expansion Ticket now appears more often while +15 is no longer in the center.
  6. S-grade Ingredients now appears less often.
  7. Elementary Treasures has been removed.
  8. Can no longer buy Medals with Crystal.

List of Rewards from the Medal Exchange Center Edit

Item Details Medals (Old) Medals (New)
Mystery Jewel from Escape from the Oven Medal 80 Medal 140


from Primeval Jungle Medal 100 Medal 200


from Dragon's Valley Medal 120 Medal 250


from Ghost Pirate's Island of Coins Medal 140 Medal 200


from The City of Wizards Medal 140 Medal 300


from Tower of Frozen Waves N/A Medal 320


from Dessert Paradise N/A Medal 330


Magic Powder MP 500 Medal 100 Medal 240
MP 1,000 Medal 200 Medal 480
MP 2,000 Medal 400 Medal 960
Keys Key 5 Medal 60 Medal 120
Key 10 Medal 120 Medal 240
Key 15 N/A Medal 360
Key 20 N/A Medal 480
Lives Lives 5 Medal 40 Medal 70
Lives 10 Medal 80 Medal 140
Lives 30 Medal 240 Medal 420
Treasure Expansion Slot 3 Treasure Expansion Slots Medal 390 Medal 800
5 Treasure Expansion Slots Medal 650 Medal 1,330
10 Treasure Expansion Slots Medal 1,250 Medal 2,560
15 Treasure Expansion Slots Medal 1,800 Removed
Ingredients Random S-grade ingredients Medal 160 Medal 300
Random SS-grade ingredients Medal 900~1,100 Medal 1,800~2,200
Supreme Treasure Lottery Ticket Supreme Treasure Chest Ticket Medal 220 Medal 440
Elixirs of Experience Elixir of Experience (S) Medal 40 Medal 70
Elixir of Experience (M) Medal 72 Medal 126
Elixir of Experience (L) Medal 108 Medal 182
Elixir of Experience (XL) N/A Medal 420
Elixir of Experience (XXL) N/A Medal 680
Element Treasures Prosperity Bracelet of Earth Medal 3,200 Removed
Protection Ring of Fire
Galloping Earring of Wind
Restoration Pendant of Water

Before 28 June 2016, Medals can be purchased with Crystals. These (if available) also account as an item among the six daily items in the center.

Medals Crystal (Old) Crystal (New)
Medal 80 CookieRunCrystal 50 Removed
Medal 160 CookieRunCrystal 100 Removed
Medal 480 CookieRunCrystal 300 Removed
Medal 1000 CookieRunCrystal 625 Removed

Trivia Edit

  • In August 22. Mystery Jewels is removed from center