Quote1 Feast of dazzling lasers! Quote2
―Newsletter on Mini Jackson No. 2

Mini Jackson No. 2 is an S-Grade Pet that was released on June 12. 2015 along with Gumball Cookie. It was similarly designed as one of the obstacle in the third stage in The City of Wizards. According to the in-game description, it was reconstructed by Gumball Cookie and added his power over it so that it now shoots colorful lasers filled with mini gumball jellies. When the pet shoots colorful lasers, a small amount of Energy is also added (without having to collect any Energy potion).

Skill Edit

Shoots Coloring Laser at given intervals and creates Mini Gumball Jellies.

Description Edit

Gumball Cookie brought back a broken piece of sphere metal from the City of Wizards and colored it his way. Perhaps it's because he put his heart and soul into it night after night, Mini Jackson No. 2 started shooting colorful lasers! Prepare yourself if you want to see them together, you may be dazzled by their colorful art feast.


Level Skill Effect Upgrade Cost
Every 25 sec N/A
Every 24 sec 29,000
Every 23 sec 31,000
Every 22 sec 34,000
Every 21 sec 36,000
Every 20 sec 38,000
Every 19 sec 47,000
Every 18 sec 56,000

Possible Combination Bonus Edit

Cookie Combi Bonus
Gumball cookie
Gumball Cookie (S) Extra points for Dark Moon Jellies
Wizard Cookie
Wizard Cookie (S) 4,000 extra points for Dark Moon Jellies

Notes Edit

  • Recovers 6 energy every time it triggers its ability
  • If you fall into a hole or enter Bonus Time while Mini Jackson No. 2 is firing its Coloring Laser, it will prematurely end. You will still get the Energy, however, as it triggers at the start of its ability, not during nor at the end.
  • Its gumball jelly is considered as a special jelly, and will not be converted into Yellow Bear Jellies if players grab the All-Bear Jelly party power jelly.

Trivia Edit

  • There is currently a typo on the skill effect box of this pet -- it says it shoots "evey" xx seconds instead of every.
  • The "Ring Shape" inside this pet rotates while the cookie runs.
  • You can see spheric obstacles in Episode 4 that look just like Mini Jackson No.2. The appearance of its shots are similar to the obstacles' laser as well.