Missing Party Piñata is an A-grade treasure.

Equipped EffectEdit

Blast Speed 5-10% higher


When you know the taste of sourness, you can truly appreciate the sweetness in things.


Level Skill Effect Coin Upgrade Cost Crystal Upgrade Cost
Missing Party Pinata
Blast speed 5% higher N/A N/A
Missing Party Pinata+1
Blast speed 5.5% higher Coin 001 9,600 CookieRunCrystal 8
Missing Party Pinata+2
Blast speed 6% higher Coin 001 12,300 CookieRunCrystal 11
Missing Party Pinata+3
Blast speed 6.5% higher Coin 001 15,200 CookieRunCrystal 14
Missing Party Pinata+4
Blast speed 7% higher Coin 001 17,000 CookieRunCrystal 17
Missing Party Pinata+5
Blast speed 7.5% higher Coin 001 20,000 CookieRunCrystal 20
Missing Party Pinata+6
Blast speed 8% higher Coin 001 23,000 CookieRunCrystal 23
Missing Party Pinata+7
Blast speed 8.5% higher Coin 001 25,200 CookieRunCrystal 26
Missing Party Pinata+8
Blast speed 9% higher Coin 001 26,000 CookieRunCrystal 29
Missing Party Pinata+9
Blast speed 10% higher Coin 001 27,500 CookieRunCrystal 32


  • A little name change of the treasure has been done. The treasure's previous name was "Missing Party Pinata", however to emphasize the correct pronunciation of "piñata" (pronounced as /pin-YAH-ta/) an "n" with tilde was added in the word "Piñata".
  • The previous description of this treasure was "Despite popular belief that it comes from Mexico, it's actually from Hawaii." It is changed since the piñata's historical origin has been debated not from the Spanish culture, but rather from the Chinese culture.