Quote1 Beep! Stay away from the holes! Quote2
―Mr. Limeguard

Mr. Limeguard (also known as Mr. Beep) is an S-grade pet that was released to LINE Cookie Run on September 16, 2015. Mr. Limeguard first appeared early on August 2015 in the newsletter of Combi Challenge, along with his accompanying cookie, Lime Cookie.

This pet was scheduled to be released on September 11 along with Lime Cookie, but due to technical difficulty from the developers' side, they were unable to release it, and thus this is the first pet to be delayed. The pet was then released on September 16, 2015.


Lifts or revives Cookies, Energy increase of 160 for Cookie Relay. (Both first and relay Cookies will be lifted and/or revived 3 times with 40 Energy)


Mr.Limeguard is the go to Pet for safety on the water. According to Special Force Cookie, Mr.Limeguard was one tough coach in the Cookie Camp. He was known to be strict and his training methods were intense. But with his past aside, he is now busy keeping the feisty Lime Cookie safe from the dangers water can cause.


Level Skill Effect Upgrade Cost
Cookie Rescue Lv.1
Revives/Lifts Cookies 3x with 26 energy.
Extra 100 energy for relay.
Cookie Rescue Lv.2
Revives/Lifts Cookies 3x with 28 energy.
Extra 108 energy for relay.
Cookie Rescue Lv.3
Revives/Lifts Cookies 3x with 30 energy.
Extra 116 energy for relay.
Cookie Rescue Lv.4
Revives/Lifts Cookies 3x with 32 energy.
Extra 124 energy for relay.
Cookie Rescue Lv.5
Revives/Lifts Cookies 3x with 34 energy.
Extra 132 energy for relay.
Cookie Rescue Lv.6
Revives/Lifts Cookies 3x with 36 energy.
Extra 140 energy for relay.
Cookie Rescue Lv.7
Revives/Lifts Cookies 3x with 38 energy.
Extra 150 energy for relay.
Cookie Rescue Lv.8
Revives/Lifts Cookies 3x with 40 energy.
Extra 160 energy for relay.

Possible Combination Bonus Edit

Cookie Combi Bonus
Lime Cookie
Lime Cookie (S) 2,700 extra points for all Jellies


  • His name is likely a reference to a life guard that would preside a swimming pool or a beach due to his cap and being a whistle. His treasure, Mr. Limeguard's Citrus Life Preserver, attests to that as well.
  • Mr. Limeguard was first appeared during the Combi Challenge! along with his Cookie, Lime Cookie. He was leaked in Combi Challenge due to the event being a rehash of one in the Kakao version, in which Lime Cookie had already been released. He appears on the top of the screen with Lime Cookie.
  • Mr. Limeguard and Lime Cookie are the very first pet and Cookie to be featured in the Cookie Packages under the Package Deals menu.


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