Quote1 A delightful brew of grape juice worthy of Gods. Quote2
―Cookie Run Newsletter on Oak Barrel

Oak Barrel (previously known as Wooden Barrel) is an S-grade pet. This pet is capable of generating energetic potions which, apart from adding 30 energy (which is the highest energy potion from a pet),speed the cookie up by just a bit and also reduce any damage income the cookie might have from hitting obstacles.


It produces Potions with over-ripened grapes at regular intervals. (When the Juicy Potion is taken, some energy is recovered and because the cookie gets a little bit excited because of the overwhelming flavour of the juice, it makes them sprint. It also decreases energy loss when hitting obstacles.)


This Wooden Barrel full of juice made out of over-ripeneded grapes was left forgotten in a dark corner of the Witch's kitchen and it was able to age into a delightfully sweet nectar with a delicate woody note. You might be tempted to drink the whole thing, but the recommended amount is 1 or 2 glasses per day.


Level Skill Effect Upgrade Cost
Every 55 secs N/A
Every 52 secs 29,000
Every 49 secs 31,000
Every 46 secs 34,000
Every 43 secs 36,000
Every 40 secs 38,000
Every 37 secs 47,000
Every 34 secs 56,000

Possible Combination Bonus Edit

Cookie Combi Bonus
Vampire Cookie
Vampire Cookie (S) Extra points for going through an obstacle



  • This pet was previously named as Wooden Barrel before 18 December 2014.
  • Its Japanese name is クヌギのジュース樽 (oak juice barrel).
  • It is the perfect combi for Vampire Cookie, as oak barrels usually store wine [grape juice in Vampire Cookie's case].


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