Quote1 Extra-bright firefly with a pistachio shell! Quote2
―Cookie Run Newsletter on Pistachio Firefly

Pistachio Firefly is an S-grade pet released on 30 October 2014. This pet will release a special jelly that would give an energy and blast jelly at the same time (similar to the combination of Mini Energy Potion and Blast Jelly). Due to this combination, the effect of both jellies will also apply in this pet. For instance, Pirate Cookie's Ghost will not be able to take the special jelly (not even for blasting) because they are considered to be Potions for the game. Also, buying the Power Jellies Boost at the start of the run will increase the length of blast speed.


Creates energy recovery / blast potion (Gives 20 energy and blasts at the same time)


Beyond the Witch's lair lies the forgotten pistachio forest which glows a luminous bright green at night. This light is created by the Pistachio Firefly, an extra-bright firefly unique to the forgotten forest. Although they buzz around restlessly and are always worried that their nutty and delicious insides will be eaten, they smell like hot roast chestnuts and light your way on long dark runs.


Level Skill Effect Upgrade Cost
Every 27 secs N/A
Every 26 secs 29,000
Every 25 secs 31,000
Every 24 secs 34,000
Every 23 secs 36,000
Every 22 secs 38,000
Every 21 secs 47,000
Every 20 secs 56,000

 Possible Combination Bonus Edit

Cookie Combi Bonus
Pistachio Cookie
Pistachio Cookie (S) Extra points for all Jellies

Retired Edit

Alchemist Cookie
Alchemist Cookie (S) Extra points for all Jellies
Herb Cookie
Herb Cookie (S) Extra points for Sprout Jelly
Knight Cookie
Knight Cookie (A) 20% faster during Blasts

Updates Edit

  • December 22, 2016
    • Combi bonus with Pistachio Cookie changed to "Extra points for all Jellies".



  • The Pet's name in Japanese doesn't have the word for "pistachio" in it. It is simply called ホタル (firefly).
  • The cooldown between blasts was 30-23 seconds before the September 4, 2015 update. It has been reduced to 27-20 seconds instead. The Energy it gives you has also been increased from 10 to 20.
  • Although this pet's cooldown time is slower than Enchanted Locket, the Player will have better health benefits due to the blast.

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