Quote1 It's burning a beautiful shade of lilac... Quote2
―Cookie Run Newsletter on Purple Candle

Purple Candle (or Lilac Candle) is an S-grade Pet released together with Prophet Cookie.


Purple Candle lets players enter into another dimension to reveal secret jellies. Both secret and normal jellies are obtainable and players are immune to taking damage from hitting obstacles for a set period of time as the Cookie passes through them rather than colliding.

During the Vampire Cookie era, many players used this pet to gain higher score, since they are granted temporary immunity and gain extra score from the secret jellies. Players might even receive a free Power-up Jellies on their way. However, its recent uses are mainly for allowing more obstacles to be passed through.


Lights fires at fixed intervals that reveal hidden Jellies. Obstacles set on fire can be passed through.


This candle emits a mysterious purple flame, entrancing all who gaze upon it with its mesmerizing scent and shimmer. Those caught under its spell can see unknown Jellies from another dimension, and must take great care to not lose themselves in that world lest they be trapped there forever.


Level Skill Effect Upgrade Cost
Every 26 sec, for 4 sec N/A
Every 25 sec, for 4 sec 29,000
Every 24 sec, for 4 sec 31,000
Every 23 sec, for 4 sec 34,000
Every 22 sec, for 4 sec 36,000
Every 21 sec, for 4 sec 38,000
Every 20 sec, for 4 sec 47,000
Every 19 sec, for 4 sec 56,000

 Possible Combination Bonus Edit

Cookie Combi Bonus
Prophet Cookie
Prophet Cookie (S) Extra points for Candle Jelly


  • June 28, 2016
    • Combi Bonus changed from 300 extra points for Yellow Bear Jellies to Extra points for Candle Jelly.
    • Combi with Wizard Cookie retired/removed.



  • This pet might be inspired from Litwick, a ghost-type Pokemon.
  • This pet was the first pet released in Cookie Run: Edge of the World, along with Prophet Cookie.
  • This pet is very useful for missions that requires passing through obstacles in Tower of Frozen Waves.
  • This pet used to be very powerful in Edge of the World, helping in scoring records, but in the next season, future pets overpowered Purple Candle.

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Purple Candle's abilityEdit

Pet CandleActivated