Random Boost is one of boost can be used in Cookie Run. It will gives the player a random exclusive boost. It can be bought for Coin 001 1,200 (GP +10) on the first purchase. If players are not satisfied with the boost, players can replace the boost with another random boost for Coin 001 600 (GP +5). Players will guaranteed to have a different random boost in their rebuy, but the tossed random boost may reappear after few times of shuffling. Most effects from random boost is stacking with other powers from cookies, pets, and equipped treasures.

List of Random BoostEdit

Boost Effect
Energy Drains 15% slower Slows the energy drain by 15%
30% less energy drain when colliding with obstacles When you hit an obstacle, it will take 30% less energy than usual.
Revives with 80 Energy 1 time After you ran out of energy, the cookie will revive once with 80 energy.
17% Base speed increase The cookie will run 17% faster.
Invincibility rate of 70% to collisions 70% chance of obstacles you hit will not lose your energy.
Gold Coins Boost Each Coin Jelly, Treasure or Pet will turn obstacles into gold coins, not silver coins.
15% Points Bonus 15% points bonus added at the end of the game.
Magnetic Aura The cookie will have a magnetic aura. It stacks with other magnetic aura powers.
Lifts from hole 2 times The cookie will lift up to 2 times when falls into a hole.
Potion restores 20% more Energy 20% more energy earned from each Energy Potion.
Double Coins Double your coin earning at the end of the game.

Retired Boost Edit

Boost Gift Points Effect
Cookie Relay +10 (+5 if rebuy) Cookie Relay will be automatically used after the cookie run out of energy. The original boost will not be used. This is dropped in the New World Update.
Fast Start +10 (+5 if rebuy) Gives an automatic Fast Start boost at the beginning of a game. The original boost will not be used. This is dropped in Wrath of The Red Dragon Update.


  • On June 28, 2016 as the beginning of "Wrath of The Dragon" season, Cookie Run reported that they have made some changes to the Random Boost. Those includes:
    • Increasing the probability of "Double Coins"
    • Removing "Fast Start"
    • Decreasing "25% Slower Energy Drain" to 15% - the first since the beginning of Cookie Run
    • Decreasing "30% Base speed increase" to 17% - also the first time.
    • Decreasing "25% more Energy from Potions" to 20% - also the first time.

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