Rare Egg

Rare Egg can be bought for 10 Crystals from the Get Pets page. This kind of egg will hatch B or A grade Pets, or possibly 10,000 coins if you already have at least one B or A grade pet at Level 8. You will also receive 33 gift points for each purchase. You may receive an upgrade of a Pet you already own, if it's not at level 8 yet.

In the first two seasons, rare egg can be rewarded by inviting friends in the Invite Event as a replacement from the Extra Rare Egg. However, in the third season, it is replaced back by the Extra Rare Egg.

List of Pets obtainable or upgradeable from Rare Egg Edit

Pets Picture Grade Ability
Witty Dumbbell Witty Dumbell B Grade Makes Giant Jellies
Mocha Delight Mocha Delight B Grade Makes Alphabet Jellies
Cozy Yarn Cozy Yarn B Grade Bonus Time Jellies
Rare Garlic Rare Garlic B Grade Makes Blast Jellies
Electric Beat Electric Beat B Grade Makes Magnet Jellies
Hat of Santa Hat of Santa B Grade Makes Silver Coins
Dust Unicorn Dusty Unicorn B Grade Makes Gold Coins
Flowercopter Flowercopter A Grade Speeds up Bonus Time
Wishing Star Wishing Star A Grade Revives the Cookie
Brain Gum Brain Gum A Grade Slower Energy drain
Dragon's Tail Dragon's Tail A Grade Call Dragon's Spirit
Lucky Dice Lucky Dice A Grade Makes Power Jellies
Brown Balloon
(Limited Time)
Brown Balloon A Grade Saves Cookie, XP Bonus

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Trivia Edit

  • To date, only Luck-o'-Lantern, Brown Balloon, and Cony Balloon are unobtainable through Rare Egg. The three mentioned are event exclusive.