Reverse Valentine's Day Coin Candy is an A-grade treasure only obtainable from Coin Candy Treasures! event.

This treasure is a bit different and special. It has no effect when equipped, but it can be sold at a much higher price than the other treasures. It also has the cheapest upgrade cost of all treasures ever, upgrading this treasure can be a very quick way for unlocking cookies like Fairy Cookie, Cherry Cookie, Alchemist Cookie, and Blackberry Cookie.

Equipped EffectEdit

Can be sold for 5000-74000 Coins


Sell it for a big profit! Upgrade it and get a bigger return on your investment!

PLEASE NOTE that if you sell this Treasure it can't be obtained again.


The Net Worth is the net amount of coins you can calculate by upgrading the treasure with coins and sell them. The Net Worth does not include upgrade failure, which requires the player to re-upgrade the treasure.

Level Skill Effect Coin Upgrade Cost Crystal Upgrade Cost Max Net Worth
0 Can be sold for 5000 coins. N/A N/A Coin 001 5,000
+1 Can be sold for 7500 coins. Coin 001 2,000 CookieRunCrystal 1 Coin 001 5,500
+2 Can be sold for 10500 coins. Coin 001 2,400 CookieRunCrystal 1 Coin 001 6,100
+3 Can be sold for 14000 coins. Coin 001 2,800 CookieRunCrystal 2 Coin 001 6,800
+4 Can be sold for 20000 coins. Coin 001 3,200 CookieRunCrystal 3 Coin 001 9,600
+5 Can be sold for 26500 coins. Coin 001 3,600 CookieRunCrystal 4 Coin 001 12,500
+6 Can be sold for 33500 coins. Coin 001 4,000 CookieRunCrystal 5 Coin 001 15,500
+7 Can be sold for 43K coins. Coin 001 4,400 CookieRunCrystal 6 Coin 001 20,600
+8 Can be sold for 53K coins. Coin 001 4,800 CookieRunCrystal 7 Coin 001 25,800
+9 Can be sold for 74K coins. Coin 001 5,200 CookieRunCrystal 8 Coin 001 41,600


  • Unlike other typical A-grade treasures, extracting the treasure will only give 3-21 MP, similar behavior applied on C-grade treasures.
  • Reverse Valentine's Day, also called White Day is a day celebrated by some countries in eastern Asia. It occurs on March 14, one month after the "normal" (Western) Valentine's Day. In contrast to the Western counterpart, girls and women give presents during the regular Valentine's Day, and receive gifts instead during White Day.


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