Quote1 Run as fast as a rocket! Quote2
―Cookie Run Newsletter on Rocket Firecracker

Rocket Firecracker (or Rocket Firework) is an S-grade Pet that protects cookies from falling. If the cookie fell, the rocket will save the cookie and blast throughout the stage before recharging itself to help the cookie again. In contrast to Ginger Ghost, the number of saves is unlimited, but comes at a cost of having a cooldown period.

This Pet has been used to complete "saves from falling" achievements several times, since it can help the cookie back up as much as the player wants.


At given intervals, it can lift the Cookie from a hole with a blast.


Made from cherry candy and bubble gum, it flies far and bursts with joy. Its star candy powder filling helps Chewy Rocket put itself on fire and explode after a speedy flight. It can save the Cookie again when the filling regenerates.


Level Skill Effect Upgrade Cost
Ready to rescue you every 27 sec N/A
Ready to rescue you every 26 sec 29,000
Ready to rescue you every 25 sec 31,000
Ready to rescue you every 24 sec 34,000
Ready to rescue you every 23 sec 36,000
Ready to rescue you every 22 sec 38,000
Ready to rescue you every 21 sec 47,000
Ready to rescue you every 20 sec 56,000

Possible Combination Bonus Edit

Cookie Combi Bonus
Cherry Cookie
Cherry Cookie (S) Extra Points for Cherry Jelly


Audio GalleryEdit

Ready to RescueEdit

Rescue Blast Ready

Rescue Blast (Start)Edit

Rescue Blast Start

Rescue Blast (End)Edit

Rescue Blast End

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